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Day 6: Lake Argyle Rest day

Having moved approximately 100k, I’ve gone back in time 1.5 hours and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It was too warm to stay in my tent much past 6am. 

I made a nutritious breakfast of baked beans in a wrap and set off to walk around to the next headland in the lake. 

Sunshine on the water looking east
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Frank DenmanHi enjoying the blog,hope you may be able to get wheel fixed or will it be a bus back to Darwin with wheel in hand keep smiling xxxx
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2 months ago

I saw a grand total of four other people on the walk, which I would estimate at around 1% of the population of the Lake Argyle caravan park. 

Then I went down to the lake for a swim. It was delightful. There was a lot of weed on the side but once you got past that, the water was clear and cool. The bit I went down to was a little inlet only about 50m across so I swam almost across to the other side (not too close, I’d rather not see a croc while swimming no matter how freshwater they are). But close enough to lie back and look up at the red cliff above. 

Then I walked back up the hill and got into the infinity pool. That had been closed yesterday for “health and safety” so I didn’t put my head under. It was also extremely cold, way colder than the lake. It’s also not quite as close to the edge of the lake as it looks in photos. When you take a photo level with the pool, you just see the lake in the background, but when you’re at the edge you’re looking straight down to the dead grass then the lake. 

For reasons that were not entirely clear (supply chain?) there was no coffee at the caravan park but, thanks to the gourmet tour, a bottle of ice coffee and a cold cherry ripe seemed extravagant for morning tea when enjoyed from the viewpoints just above the caravan park. 

The dam wall is 60m high and cars were constantly crossing the narrow road so I decided against walking down closer
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Fairly predictably, food was really expensive. But I decided $30 for a mushroom and haloumi salad was worth it to avoid scurvy. It was very good, although not twice as good as the kids plate for dinner last night. 

I sat on the hill for a while and complained to various family members about my bike woes then went for the third walk of the day to look over the Ord River discharge as the sun set. 

The Ord below the dam
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Lovely colours at sunset
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I chatted to the group camped near me who were heading to Kununurra tomorrow about maybe getting a lift as one couple was driving a troopie. But I was keen to keep riding. I have been messaging Katrina, who was the year below me at school and now lives in Kununurra, about catching up so I asked her if she’d be able to rescue me if I needed it, and she very kindly said yes, so I decided to risk the ride. I moved some heavier things to the front and went to bed early so I can get on the road early tomorrow. 

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Megan HolzwartBeautiful photos...
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1 month ago