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June 15, 2015

Day 3: Over the top to Segovia and beyond

I'm living a lie. I told you about the Pilgram's Hostels, or Alberges. Well if you have ever seen the movie "The Way" you will know what I am talking about. They are basically free or low costs places to stay if you are hiking or riding the Camino De Santiago. You have to have a Pilgram's Passport and that allows you to go into these cheap digs.

Well I have the passport, I am following the signs, but I have no intention of going to Santiago. It's possible God may strike my down for it. If I vanish into thin air it is something for you to consider.

Anyway, tonight I am staying in my first Alberge. Its in a tiny town with a big name--Zamarramala. The place is immaculate, with showers kitchen and a big room with bunk beds. Only one other person is here, a Spaniard who is already sound asleep and its only 7:30pm. He is walking the route and looks like he had a rough day.

I on the other hand am not exhausted, despite today's huge climb. The ribs seem no worse so I held off on the doc, but they are no better either. I didn't feel I had it in me, physically, to tackle a monster climb so I took a really cool train to a ski station near the top, rode a little higher to the pass and rode down, and then in the flat part after that. I supposed I should feel guilty but it was either that or not ride at all.

Tomorrow should be flatter. Still keeping an eye on the ribs, so to speak. Hopefully better tomorrow.

Near the top of the mountian at the ski area
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On the way down the mountain
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City Sagovia
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Sagovia aqueduct
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Segovia Bull Ring
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Today's ride: 28 miles (45 km)
Total: 161 miles (259 km)

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