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June 14, 2015

Day 2: Cercedilla

Whao rough day. I paid the price after yesterday's overdoing it, plus I really didn't eat much dinner to speak of. You know that they say about food and cycling? You don't eat dinner for that night you eat dinner for the next day. I.e. I am feeling a bit depleted.

But also, I am a sun shinny gal. I like the sun, what can I say, and I would rather sweat like a pig in the heat than be covered head to toe in wool and be drizzled on all day, which is how it was on and off.

Leo said it would be hot! Hey, Leo, it ain't hot! Maybe it will be hot in Scotland?

Anyway, the day was a short one because tomorrow is a big climb through a forest. But I must say the scenery today was nice. And, after a few weeks of big tourist towns it is a fun change to ride through quaint little villages. I also saw a number of people, and dogs, managing livestock--sheep and cows I think. The dogs seem to be having a blast.

Anyway, I ended up in a town called Cercedilla. I looked high and low for the Pilgram's Hostel (I will talk about Pilgrams hostels another time) and asked some locals, who didn't know or were not sure of the location, but I still couldn't find it. Instead I ended up in an extremely loud hotel/hostel for 30 euros. Luckily I couldn't sleep right away because my ribs hurt. Wait, that didn't come out exactly like I expected it to...

Anyway They seem worse today. I'm not sure what the deal is? They hurt when I laugh, pull on the handle bars, breath hard and cough. All of which I, you know, do on occasion on bike trips. I really don't even know how I did it? Could have been from the "mountain biking bolder field" episode the yesterday, or maybe its all the coughing, which I still am not totally cured of from repeated colds. If it gets any worse I may see a doc. I will see tomorrow.

Pretty country roads was the order of the day. And when I say country I mean dirt paths and fire type roads.
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...though I did jump on some paved roads for a while. Here is one of the Camino de Santiago signs indicating the route I am currently following.
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...I rode through some pretty forest roads.
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...and in the forest was this pretty white horse.
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Today's ride: 23 miles (37 km)
Total: 133 miles (214 km)

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