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July 12, 2021

Day 61 - Hamilton, MT to Missoula,MT

Riding for a rest day

This morning we woke up and our host, Jo, made us huckleberry pancakes. It was awesome having a breakfast made for us. We hung around longer than we would normally, but it was great conversation. Jo and Craig told us to stop back by if we are ever in the area again. We headed out on a secret back road along their big creek, but ran into an impassible fence and had to backtrack about a mile. Back onto the main road, we made it into Hamilton in a few minutes and stopped for second breakfast at a bakery.

You can barely see the bitterroot mountains
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We were lolligagging a bit because we thought it was going to be an easy day. Leaving Hamilton we had a bike path all the way into Missoula, which was great. It was also all downhill, but it was hot and we had a strong headwind. It took a while, but we made it into town along the river and biked to the ACA place. We all weighed our bikes and Alex had the heaviest at 95 pounds, mark and I had 75, and Mary had 60. I was pretty hungry so I didn't spend much time looking around inside, but they did have a nice selection of memorabilia and swag. I got some socks and Mary got a great t shirt that has the name of every town on the transam. We went across the road to a ramen spot, which had amazing service and ramen. We had been waiting a few weeks for a real ramen place.

We got our pictures on the wall!
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The overlords who guide us
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 It was around 5 at this point and we needed to bike south of town to get my great aunt and uncle's house. We are planning on staying with them for at least a couple of days to visit and rest. The ride over was fine, with one big hill to climb at the end. Dan and Chris were waiting outside for us and we introduced Alex and Mark. They brought us inside where we talked, showered and ate an awesome pasta dinner. We stayed up untill 11 talking and trying locals beers that Dan had bought for us. We were all super happy to have a nice place to sleep with amazing family to host us.
Altitude gain:

Today's ride: 60 miles (97 km)
Total: 3,221 miles (5,184 km)

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