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July 9, 2021

Day 58 - day off in Dillon, MT

Too tired to go on

We woke up today and Alex said he couldn't ride today. We were so tired from the last couple weeks and Alex looked particularly tired after having 3 flats yesterday. We didn't take any convincing to stay. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and Larry, the caretaker and builder of the south west Montana walk bike hostel (where we are staying) came over. He talked for a while about bikes, building, and alternative routes to wisdom. He suggested a 93 mile route that avoids the passes and has water and shade along the way versus our 65 mile 2 pass ordeal. We think after a rest day, we could make it. And we are ager to get off the highway system we were on yesterday. The hostel has a bike shop, so everyone took turns working on their bikes. Mary rotated her tires, I just did a quick tune up, Alex did both and Mark did a cleaning. We set off for town to get coffees and more food around noon. Larry is a really cool guy and we talked for a while about building and code compliance. Here in Montana, this county, apparently has no code enforcement or regulation. This would be a great spot for a tiny house, but I think there it's too dry and fire prone for my taste. Although a building made of styrofoam and concrete would do well here...

This is the bike hostel as viewed from the gazebo
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We stopped at and African spot for coffee and had an elegant experience. My pour over came on a tea light warmer and I spent time updating this blog and looking up rigid mountain bikes. I think for my next tour, I'll do a gravel/off road route inspired by all the great divide riders we have seen in the last week, I just need a bike that can take some fat tires like Mark's.

We went to get lunch and then swam in the river before returning to the hostel to hang out with everyone else. I rotated my tires, ate dinner, and tried to sort out some planning information to stay in Darby. Before going to bed, 5 east bound people showed up and we talked with them for a bit. There must have been 18 bike tourists in Dillon that day, most of the. Staying at the hostel. Mary and I pitched our tent and slept in the yard near the gazebo hoping to see stars with no rain fly.

Here is another picture of the sunset, improved by the smoke
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This is legendary Larry telling a east bound rider how to take a gravel road all the way to west Yellowstone
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