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July 3, 2021

Day 52 - Lander, WY to Dubois, WY

Dubois (phonetically, it's dew boys)

Waking up at 530 wasn't so hard when the sun was out. Our tent was covered in ants so we made breakfast and swept them off. We had quick oatmeal and were in the road by 7. We expected a big day of 70 some miles and over 3k of climbing. There is also the well documented wind that could derail the day. We made great progress for the first 50 miles. While going through the wind river reservation, we were careful not to stop and do something offensive or trespass.

Crowheart butte. We had been staying at this for miles and finally passed it
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Everything was uneventful and the scenery only got better as we went along.

Perfect smile at the wind river
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Everyone's bike stopped at the c store for lunch about half way through
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For the last 25 miles we followed the wind river. The wind had kept pretty low key until then. There were a couple times where I was going downhill and struggling to go 8mph. Closer to dubois, the wind was coming from all over, pushing us around. A vigorous side wind almost pushed me off the road.

Sand stone outside dubois
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It took alot of energy to do the last couple miles. We arrived at the church and they had a limit of 8 people. I called the church folks and they opened another facility for the other half of the group, so Tim, David, conor, team kegs (Keely and Megan), and Mallory went over there. The dew boys (the 3 post college guys that showed up at Jeffrey city), Mary and myself, mark, Alex, Brian (lyin Brian as we call him, we met him at lander and he said he only showers every two weeks and has eaten at 370 McDonald's), and Michael (who showed up here from the great divide and has been bike touring all over the world for 4 years) all stayed at the original place. We went to the laundromat to do clothes and showered there. It's the first time I have showered in a laundry place, so that was weird. It was really nice to get the clothes clean though. After that we tried to get food at the cowboy cafe and had to wait 45 minutes for a seat. Just like everywhere else, it's understaffed and completely packed. Plus it's the fourth of july weekend. We had a couple meetings with Alex and Mark about what to do next. The big group was too hard to manage and we all couldn't stay at the same place. We all decided to try and split up to get different accomodations. Tomorrow the four of us are going to try and camp on the summit of towogee pass. I think David and Tim might stay there too. The girls sound like they are going to Jenny lake and I don't know where the dew boys are going but they said Yellowstone the day after, so we might see then again. We went back to the church to set up for the night after eating two impossible burgers. I was really tired from the long day and everyone shared the sentiment. I think we lucked out with the wind though. People who have ridden through here before said that it is usually much worse. I couldn't imagine how hard it would be if we had those winds. I slept on a folding table while most every one set up cots that the church provided. It was warm inside with 9 people, but not too bad.

Altitude gain:3400

Bonus pic of the painted hills outside dubois
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Today's ride: 75 miles (121 km)
Total: 2,774 miles (4,464 km)

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