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June 25, 2021

Day 44 - Silverthorn, CO to Kremmling, CO

My shoes aren't waterproof

Although we intended to sleep in, it's almost impossible to sleep past 6. We hoped for a nice breakfast, but it was a disappointment. Mary and I ended up making oatmeal, which is better anyways. We weren't in a rush since we wanted to mail some stuff home at 9 am. I finally decided to mail the electric razor back. I shaved last night and since it was only the second time I had used it, decided to send it. We packed up by 830 and went to a coffee shop (red buffalo? It was good though)  to kill some time.

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I dropped the package and went to meet everyone at target. Alex caught up to us and we packed in the parking lot before riding off towards kremmling. There was a 40% chance of rain, but we figured it would be so hard to predict because of the mountain range. I think because the coffee, I had to pee like 3 times. Mary and I were barely pacing mark and Alex when we spotted 3 bike tourists ahead of us. Alex and Mark caught up to pass and i realized it was Connor, who rode with us before, and two people I haven't met in real life: David and Tim. I had heard about them from mark and Mary talking about Instagram. They had been a while ahead of us and it seemed like we had finally almost met them. I had to stop again to pee, so we were a ways behind everyone.

Views from hwy 9
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We got to a portion of the ride where we were supposed to take a left onto 30 to go around a lake, but I missed the turn and we stayed on 9. I realized too late when I saw the group of 5 cyclists riding all the way across the lake.

If you zoom in, you can see some dots across the lake. That's the rest of the group on the actual route.
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I was mad since our ride had more cars and we were climbing up onto some bluffs. It pays to pay attention. Although our route around the lake was hillier, it seems it was shorter, because when 30 met back up to 9, we didn't see the crew. The skies were looking pretty bad ahead, but there was no shelter so Mary and I put on our rain jackets and rode toward the storm. The wind picked up right before the storm hit us. It was probably the strongest headwind we have had yet, then the rain started. It was light, but became a downpour quickly. After a mile or two, we turned a corner and see a tunnel up a hill! We pedalled as hard as we could and made it into this random tunnel in the middle of nowhere.

Well placed tunnel
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Scott AndersonI love this shot. Best feeling in the world.
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4 weeks ago

It was dry but the cars were loud. We waited out the storm for about 30 minutes and made lunch. We were pretty sure this storm was clear so we rode on the rest of the way to kremmling. At this point we didn't actually know if we had passed the others, so we went to the grocery store and started calling places to stay. We didn't want to go on to hot sulfur springs because there were alot of thunderstorms passing through. We got a text from mark that said to get to the allington hotel right now. Luckily we were right across the street. We arrived and Tim had talked to the manager and they offered us their conference room for $100. They even brought in 6 roll away beds. We had plenty of room for the bikes, gear and sleeping. No shower, but I just did a sink wash and felt pretty good. Another cyclist, Dianne, showed up too, so we had 8 people total. I haven't met Dianne yet but she has been around us and several of the others had met her. Everyone cooked various meals. We ate ramen and chilled out. We even found a foam roller in the closet!

The conference room
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Altitude Gain:1800

Today's ride: 40 miles (64 km)
Total: 2,381 miles (3,832 km)

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