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May 13, 2021

Day 1 - Yorktown, VA to Chickahominy park

Is this real life?

At 830 we left my dad's house feeling a few pounds lighter due to anxiety butterflies. We drove 3 or so hours to the Yorktown monument and arrived around noon. Due to the gas shortage we were lucky to have found enough for the car to make it there and back. We loaded up the bikes, took our picture at the beach, and said goodbye to dad. Unfortunately the bikes (Mary on Marykesh and I on chubs) didn't have any butterflies

Obligatory Ocean pic
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to make them lighter. 

As we set off towards Williamsburg, Marykesh seemed to have several odd noises emanating from the fenders. We stopped to troubleshoot but couldn't find any issue. We were starting to become hungry and decided to press on. The colonial parkway was a nice ride though and when we arrived in Williamsburg, we randomly found a vegan cafe (lokal cafe). The chef asked us about our trip and then gave us our meal free, and filled our thermos with their house made kombucha! We set set off toward Jamestown and our final destination for the night. We found Chickahominy park right off the rail trail.

We met another cyclist who is starting the transam next week and met our neighbor who happened to be a handyman. We borrowed a pair of vice grips to fix Marykesh. It seems to have worked but we will see tomorrow when we get loaded down again...

Dinner was some couscous with spices and dried coconut. We used our wood burning solo stove to cook and it was great and made our cook pots nice and sooty. The temperature is going to be around 40 tonight so we should sleep good as long as the septic alarm down the road doesn't go off in the night (our neighbors said it was on all last night). Tomorrow we will be riding to Richmond to stay with a warm showers host.

Dock near our camp site
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Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 30 miles (48 km)

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Dan LeeYou two are pretty gutsy for taking on such a BIG goal. May God bless you both on your journey.
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