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July 28, 2021

Return to Milan

It is a train day so no time for a ride. We do manage to get to a cafe for a last round of zucchini tart and raisin snail. Trento has been a very good base. We really like the town size, layout, and options. According to one local they haven’t had much tourism impact due to covid (he also told us that Peschiera del Garda is the Orlando of Italy which fit with what we saw.) If that is the case then the density is perfect. Enough diverse economic activity to sustain the town through the pandemic. 

Bikes awaiting penultimate train ride for this trip. Even at the station you can see the sides of the river gorge.
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We opted for the direct train to Milan. When it arrives there is no bicycle car, but that’s no problem since our bikes fold up. It also means we have no changes and a 3 hour ride rather than 6. It is a completely different experience than the cheaper regional trains we have been on. Each passenger receives a bag with water, cup, and a hand wipe along with an apology that they cannot serve us normally due to covid. Every other seat is blocked off compared to every seat taken (and then some) on the regional trains. The AC is on full and as we pass through other stations we can see that it is hot out there. A good splurge for the last day. 

In no time we are back to Milano Central Station. We bring our bikes and front bags to the left luggage and for 24 euros we are unencumbered for the afternoon. We take in St Ambrose’s basilica, another lap around the Castello Sforzesco, and a have a couple of whopping big coffees.

The street trams are from the 1920s. They have beautiful wooden seats. The bundle of flowers had easily 500 stems.
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Nearing the basilica. Another fine and functional car. Note the stickers.
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St. Ambrose’s Basilica
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These were enormous by Italian standards. You don’t see people walking around with coffee cups (or other food) for the most part.
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We retrieve the bikes and they serve as the best luggage carts for moving through the railway station as we head out to the airport hotel. They are so nimble that no corner is too tight. 

Getting to the airport hotel was no problem. The fact that the hotel had a sign on it saying closed, go to the hotel across the street was a problem. It was never completely clear to us what the arrangement was, but we were given a room (probably nicer than the one we booked) and had an easy night. 

Early morning at Malpensa Airport. It’s 40km outside of Milan so staying at airport hotel is necessary for morning departures. Another last minute switch that worked out just fine.
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Today's ride: 8 km (5 miles)
Total: 382 km (237 miles)

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Suzanne GibsonWhat a great trip, inspite of the heat and inspite of the virus! We have cycled to many of the places you visited, and I do love Italy's towns and food. Maybe we can get back next summer?
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