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Continuing from my last entry in the journal Tri-points on the Tri-speed:

Most all of the funeral arrangements for my Dad had been completed by my sisters and brothers-in-law by the time I connected up with the family. We had a simple service on Tuesday, July 9, attended by more than we expected. It was comforting hearing stories about our Dad from those who knew him years ago, as well as more recently.

I went back to work on Thursday, July 11. Discovered as soon as I got in the building that my trip's progress was being tracked on the bulletin board in the hallway. My supervisor was responsible for the map, with co-worker Steve posting a picture with caption for each day. Condolences I received at work were overwhelming, along with comments about my trip. What a caring group of co-workers!

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With an offer from my supervisor to approve modifications to my time-off request, and willingness from others to get me back to eastern Nebraska, I’ve decided to finish this trip sooner rather than later.

I unpacked just enough to get to my dirty clothes. Two wash cycles got them clean. Saturday, July 13, was spent changing out spokes on the rear wheel. Every spoke is now a used steel spoke salvaged from the old Huffy bicycle I purchased in Arkansas City on June 3. I got the spoke tension adjusted by strumming the spokes, after reading about that technique on-line. Installed the new tubes and Bontrager H5 tires I'd purchased on July 5. Their extra millimeter width didn’t clear the brake pads, and I had to loosen the cables to get them installed. Changed out the seat with another Persons/Huffy one I have. The springs were starting to press through on the seat I had been using. Oiled the chain. The bike is ready!

On Saturday, July 20, I’m getting a ride to the northeast side of Omaha, Nebraska. I figure from there it's a one-day bike ride to Decatur, Nebraska, which will get me back on course for entering Iowa on Monday, July 22. I'm ready!

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