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July 26, 2016

Day 21: Mississippi memories

I can't deny it. I have been looking forward to the train ride home for a while now. You may recall from previous journals that I love trains. Which is good because I will be spending the next 2 days on one.

The train didn't leave until late afternoon so I had some time to knock around town. Galesburg has a cute little town center and is a hub for all of the Amtrak trains that run through to Chicago in this area, not to mention all the freight trains, which often consist of what seems like miles and miles of oil tankers lined up like ugly black sausages.

I had a delicious lunch of crepes and then wandered around. The wandering didn't get exciting until I noticed a dog locked in a car in the sun on main street.

Did I mention it is about 2000 degrees out today?

I circled back to the car. No one was in sight and the dog was barking its head off. In California that is illegal, and even if it wasn't I'm a humanitarian and believe that dogs are people too.

An older couple wandered by and I asked them if they knew who owns the dog. "Is that legal here?" I ask.

They didn't know but before we got too far into the debate a guy walked across the street from the deli and yelled, "HEY, the air conditioning is ON so mind your own business!"

I didn't hear or see that the car was running, and it wasn't a hybrid so how could the air conditioning be on, but I wasn't going to debate the issue.

"Mind your fucking business! Why don't you all just mind your fucking business....!"

Which was all that was needed to disperse the crowd of me and the two other people. I think we all sensed it was not worth getting into an argument with some nut who thinks it is okay to keep his dog locked in a boiling hot car with the windows rolled up.

From there it was just a matter of waiting for the train. Which was more or less on time until it got to the station and everyone boarded and we sat there for about an hour. But what can I say, it's Amtrak.

Hopefully the train will make up time in the air. But I am not holding my breath.

Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg. Did you know that? He was the dude that said Chicago had big shoulders and is the hog butcher of the world. Or at least it was the hog butcher. Anyway this is a nice mural with his image on the left.
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Here comes my train!
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Hurry up!
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And here we sat for an hour.
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My last view of the Mississippi River is from the train.
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Nice sunset from the train. Hey Amtrak, how about someone squeegee my window so I can get a better picture!
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The Trucker all packed and ready to go home
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Today's ride: 11 miles (18 km)
Total: 1,307 miles (2,103 km)

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