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September 7, 2018

I should call this the “detour tour”

Today was nice a quiet but I ran across yet another detour. It’s part of life, I just find it funny I’m running across multiple detours on this tour.

So rain was in the forecast and I had multiple offers to get automotive transportation for me and the bike, but I decided to give it a go and chance it. And it was the best decision since I didn’t have a stitch of rain. The skies were quite overcast all morning, and I made it to the destination by 12:15. The original plan was to meet my mom and ride with her along the canal back to her house but she was unable to get the bike into the car so we’re going to have some lunch and then I get to catch up with my parents.

Alpha Cement plant south of Martin’s Creek, PA
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The first 10 miles were roads from Bangor, PA heading towards Easton where I could pick up the canal. I couldn’t take the road along the river all the way because there was (you guessed it) a detour. So I made the climb up the hill into Forks Township where I lived for 11 years and saw the old neighborhood. There were establishments in the area I shopped at and some of them still exist and some have been entirely remodeled. I Passed through Easton and then connected with the canal path, part of the Delaware and Lehigh path I was on the previous day.

Rolling through Forks Township hoping the clouds don’t start releasing rain. This is a road I used to frequent when I lived here (you CAN go home again #6)
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10 miles into the day (and after reminiscing through my old riding grounds, I’m at the start of the Delaware canal. This is a route canal boats took from Easton to Bristol, PA, where they could offload the coal onto ships in the Delaware River. 

The first lock into the canal from Easton heading south towards Bristol
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Then, it was basically 50 miles along the towpath to meet my parents. My mom brought me a tuna sandwich (yay, mom!) and then we headed to the house I grew up in (you CAN go home again #7), went out for some dinner, and I was able to sleep in my room listening to the rain outside.

Quick rest stop before heading back onto the towpath
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There were more riders on the path the further south I went, as well as the sky became a little brighter. I had about 8 miles to go, and a detour on the canal path which gave me a detour through Philips Mill on the road. 1.2 miles later I was back on the path, rolled through New Hope, and then 12:08 arrived in Washington Crossing.

New Hope PA about 90 seconds before my first flat of the trip
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Crossing the road to the other side to follow the canal, I ask myself, “what is that’s hissing noise? It almost sounds like a flat - oh, crud, it is a flat tire.” As if there’s a silver lining it was the front. But the silver lining was a false lining since the puncture came through the sidewall. I used a glueless tire Patch as a boot on the interior and it took me the next 8 miles I’m hoping it will get me home where I can purchase a new tire. Sidewall punctures are bad news.

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Today's ride: 56 miles (90 km)
Total: 378 miles (608 km)

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