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July 17, 2012

Yotel: They call them cabins, I call them pods

I looked it up online in March. I needed a hotel to store my crap so I could wander around London during my layover from France to San Francisco. I also wanted a good nights sleep. I had my fill of sleeping in airports last year in Boston, and in the Baltimore airport the year before, on my way home from my "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" tour. Both times it, quite frankly, sucked.

So I looked up hotels near heathrow and they were, well, spendy, VERY spendy. They also involved a shuttle of some kind to go to and fro. So I dug a little deeper and found Yotel.

The Heathrow Yotel is in terminal 4. It's just like a hotel in that it has a bed, shower, desk and toilet. But it's different from a hotel in that it is tiny.

They call them "cabins", but I prefer to call them pods. My room, the smallest available, was so small that I barely had room for my two suitcases. It is 75 square feet to be exact. I doubt it would even hold a full size bike box.

Still, I LOVED this place. It was small, yes, but really clean, with a comfortable bed, TV (with radio) free lattes (and tea, etc) and, if I had not been an idiot and broken my computer, wifi.

Rooms are rented by the hour, with a minimum stay of 4 hours, in case all you need is a nap and a shower. I booked for 12 hours, which cost me about 49 pounds, which sounds like a lot until you price out regular hotel rooms. Besides, that's all I could have used a regular hotel room for. It was just what I needed, no more, no less.

The other thing I like is that it is right at the airport. No shuttles. You are right there.

I just thought this place was cool, and worth a mention. There are Yotels in other cities if you take a gander at their web site.

This is the bed and entry area. The entry also has a pull down desk. Though my suitcases are in the way of that in this picture. You can see my hand in the background. That is the door.
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The toilet
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The shower on the right. That's the whole room.
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The bed was REALLY comfy!
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