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July 18, 2012

Things for small minds to ponder: Is something wrong with British woman?

I saw this sign at the London airport and couldn't help but wonder if there is something wrong British women?

Are British women shaped like this? Or was the model for this sign standing on top of a city air vent like Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch? Though, that still wouldn't explain the lack of arms.
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The lack of arms doesn't bother me. The men's signs also don't have arms...

This man has arms but no hands. Honestly, what is wrong with people in England!?
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What bothers me is that the women are portrayed as, well, if I must be honest, a bit "hippy." In fact, REALLY hippy. Just this side of deformed. Did the designer have an actual model, or was he thinking of the photo of Marylin Monroe standing on the air vent?

The men's sign doesn't look odd, and is not too different from the U.S. sign, aside from having no arms, of course. In fact, if we use our imagination, we women might see the man in the sign as, yes, a bit square, but broad shouldered and buff. Well, maybe not buff, but definitely broad shouldered.

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My point is, why are woman portrayed as so unflattering in London? I mean, come on. I didn't see one woman who looked like over there. And compared to their American counterpart, well, enough said....

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If you ask me, I think bathroom signs around the world should all be the same. And I think this would be a better representation...

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It is definitely more clear. In addition to being more correct anatomically, there is no mistaking the intent.

Has no one studied the issue? Why no focus panels?

But I guess that's for small minds to ponder.

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