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June 12, 2012

Days 3 and 4: Phase one - Jet lag recovery and other fun things

Yesterday and today, by and large, were 'get ready' days. It started with the actual putting together of the bike. I was a bit concerned about damage, especially because, when I arrived in London, it was clear to me that the security people in San Francisco opened and likely groped The Trucker; at the very least they moved stuff around from the tidy way I had packed her. I mean; come on people; we already suffer enough indignity by being groped ourselves in the security line, but now The Trucker?

Luckily, though, when we put all the pieces together, she worked fine.

The rest of yesterday, aside from dropping off my suitcases with friends of theirs, was spent feeling groggy and a bit tired from jet lag.

Léo lending a hand
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Today was my first ride. Steph had errands to run so Leo took me out on the town, or at least out to the little village down the road, and the surrounding country side. It is beautiful here, with lots of little lanes to amble down.

Typical country lane. That's Léo and Steph's house on the right. Well, actually, that's the barn, in front of the house.
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After we stopped for coffee, and a pastry (which I'm sure I don't need to tell you that I got a pastry with my coffee), we rode the rest of the loop, largely in the rain.

The weather this year is kind of a bummer. Normally it is like California, dry and hot. This year it is more like England, wet and cool. It makes for dramatic skies but we could all live without the drama and would prefer warmth. Still, not much to be done about it. All we can do is put on some wool and hope for better weather to come.

The rest of the day I largely spent making myself scarce in a concerted effort to stay out of the way of Steph and Leo, who have a lot to do to get ready for the start of the trip tomorrow. Not that I'm complaining about that. They have a nice lounge chair overlooking the beautiful countryside. I watched the sheep grazing, listened to them bleating and was dry from the rain. Who could complain?

Tomorrow we start off for Switzerland. WOO-HOOOOO!

(Not sure how often I'll have wifi, but I'll post updates when I can, even if it's a bit after the fact)

Dramatic skies today
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Léo at a crossroads
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The view from the back of their property. (They don't own the sheep, but the sheep wander around)
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Their house from the other direction on the left, with Léo up the road.
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Their barn/garage
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Where I spent part of the afternoon, staying out of the way and staying dry
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The clock tower in the little villege where we stopped for coffee.
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Today's ride: 25 km (16 miles)
Total: 25 km (16 miles)

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