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June 15, 2012

Day 7

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"Have you noticed that there has been toilet paper in the bathrooms in the campgrounds?" Steph asked. I hadn't but as soon as she mentioned it, why, yes, I noticed it too!

After last years experience I came armed with a large zip lock bag of important "items" for when there is no, "PQ" (please refer to yesterday's entry for PQ)

She was wondering if campgrounds are becoming more "upscale?" My theory is that someone in the French government saw last year's journal and wised up to the fact that, yes, it's those little "extra's" that keep people coming back.

I don't know? But we noticed.

The other thing we noticed was that we had a really nice ride. It was a bit dreary at the start, with a heavy mist/rain-ish type of thing, but when that burned off it was nice and warm.

We wandered through an area that looked a little like England, with it's limestone walls and hedgerows.

After that we rolled into a little village called Lacapelle-Merival. We stopped for a Coke, or Coka, as we say here in France, and just sort of, well, stopped moving.

"It's 2:30," Leo said. "We could go on to the next town, or find a campground here and recharge our batteries for tomorrow."

We were all a bit weary and the vote was unanimous. We stayed put.

After setting up in the local campground, Steph and Leo starting recharging and I went out and explored the town a bit.

It was a nice day overall, and I gotta say, I'm having a nice time with my new friends. We ride about the same speed, get up with the same time, and are having a lot of laughs together. All in all, things are good.

Thanks to everyone who posted in the guestbook. I appreciate all the notes(!) and will answer when I can. But sometimes there is barely enough time to just post the journal, and that is if we have wifi at all, which we sometimes don't.

Oh, and FYI... Here is the link to Leo's journal today. I thought about writing about this too, but why put in the effort when he already has?

This is my GPS for the first 10 days. Steph and Leo studying the maps, while I day dream and take pictures.
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Morning landscape
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The church in the little village where we camped
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The chateau in the village, that is now an administration building
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This was the old well in the town
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A game named Boules by the locals
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Today's ride: 40 km (25 miles)
Total: 213 km (132 miles)

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