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December 4, 2021

Patagonia - Sonoita - Elgin Loop

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I slept much better in the memory foam bed. Too bad it was a double size bed, and I had to keep shifting sideways. That is a disadvantage of being tall. 

We were both awake by 6 AM and walked down to Common Geounds at 8 for breakfast. It was a hopping place. Jan had a pecan bar for dessert. When asked how it tasted, she said,”Like sugar “ it wasn’t exactly an endorsement, but she did eat it all. 

We returned to the room and got ready for the day. Jan shared her upscale Neutrogena 110 SPF face lotion. It didn’t make my face sweat like the Banana Boat brand I brought along. 

Jan was quite concerned about her tire inflation. Her skinny tires take 100 psi. She has air cartridges to fill them. I can get my pump up to 60 pounds. Jacinto can get it further. 

Jan was very concerned as we started off. She vowed to ride only in the roadway, despite the wide shoulder. I wasn’t comfortable with that. I could see that traffic would be confused when she didn’t move over as they passed by. I had trouble seeing to move over as Jan rode right behind me and I couldn’t see past her. 

It was a fine riding morning. No wind, and light traffic. There was much more greenery along the road. When the view opened up, we could see grasslands and mountains. 

We had 12 miles to Sonoita, and then a 25 mile loop around to Elgin. That was the plan. Until Jan got another flat. This time on the front. We had gone 1.8 miles! Jan hadn’t been riding on the shoulder at all. Heck. 

We changed the tube, and continued on. The road was gradually uphill until the last couple of miles. 

We arrived at the Sonoita Inn and were able to check in before 11 AM! The parking lot was full of cars. The check in lady said they were quail hunters. Do quail hunters use dogs? That’s our pressing question of the day. 

Because our room is upstairs, we had to put our bikes in the silo. It is actually an alcove at the end of the building. With the description of silo, I was expecting a silo. On the exterior, the building is silo shaped. 

Jan elected to stay at the inn with her two currently inflated tires. I used the bathroom, and unloaded the majority of my gear. 

I was ready for some back country riding. This was the best 25 miles of the trip. Except, perhaps, the climb up Mission Road. That’s a favorite of mine. 

I took Upper Elgin Road. I remembered my lesson from several years ago, and did not take Lower Elgin Road. My aging memory says it turns to dirt. Even though it was tempting to miss the hill by turning left on the lower road, I took the climb uphill. 

I passed 6-8 wineries. I did not see many vines, but I did see wineries. The town of Elgin was a wide spot in the road. It has a confusing intersection where we have gotten turned around before. I had to study the map, to confirm my direction, and then continued on. 

The sky was getting darker and darker. I had left my rain jacket back at the inn. It would be a laugh on me if it rained now.  The wind has kicked up slightly. 

This was a quiet, rejuvenating ride. I’d like to find more  similar Arizona backroads. 

I took another turn onto Highway 83.  There was an increase in traffic. I was on the homeward stretch with ten miles to go. 

I got back to the inn, and chatted with the front desk lady. I eventually got around to asking her about the poor internet last week. I think it must be a common problem. Our conversation didn’t last long after my lament about the internet. 

I went upstairs and showered. Jan was ready for lunch right away. We had three choices - The Cafe- which had mostly pasta and was high priced. The Steak House - which was mostly beef and higher priced. Then there was the Brewery - it was swamped. But the prices were good, and I liked the food. We walked the .8 mile there. We sat out on the deck next to a heater. It took forever to get waited on. We were the only ones on the deck. Everyone else was inside. I think we were a little forgotten. Once we got food, it was good. I took my entire burger to go. We never even finished our nacho appetizer. I’m having a hamburger for breakfast. Jan says she’s been eating too much, she doesn’t need breakfast in the morning. 
her plan for tomorrow is to get as far as she can and if she gets another flat, to call an Uber. I’ve already warned her that 83 is too busy to ride in the driving lane. She’s going to have to use the shoulder. We are going to turn onto Old Sonoita Highway as soon as possible, to get off the Highway a little sooner. 

I fly back home tomorrow evening, just to add a little pressure to the day. It should be fine. Baring any flat tires, we should be in in plenty of time. Jacinto and I were in by 1 PM last Sunday. 

Now a coffee shop in Patagonia.
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This was lost roadside. A wheel chock?
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Bill, Jan says this gourd has no odor.
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Bill ShaneyfeltProbably a coyote gourd.
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7 months ago
Bill ShaneyfeltIt just occurred to me... maybe it needs to be opened to smell it?
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7 months ago
At the rodeo grounds in Sonoita.
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There must have been a specific incident? Notice the spelling. An error?
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Iron sculpture in Elgin.
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I love windmills.
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The clouds are the best here.
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jerry witherspoonThat cloud is really strange!
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7 months ago
I’m trying to be fancy here.
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I was of great interest.
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I swear this Christmas decoration was not there last week when Jacinto and I passed through.
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marilyn swettI remember taking a picture of this wagon last year when we rode this area in December!
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7 months ago

Today's ride: 37 miles (60 km)
Total: 564 miles (908 km)

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Scott AndersonI’m glad you enjoyed the ride around Elgin. I love those back roads through there.
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7 months ago
Kelly IniguezTo Scott AndersonCould you send a link to your journal of the area? I’d like to read it.
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7 months ago
Scott AndersonTo Kelly IniguezWe’ve been through here twice. The first was unintentional, when we were trying to bike from Sonoita to Tombstone through Fort Huachuca and were turned back because as you know you can’t get a pass at the west gate:

The second time was last winter, on a day ride from an overnight in Sonoita:

I wouldn’t be surprised if we drive over there for a repeat this winter.
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7 months ago
marilyn swettWe love the Elgin loop as well and have ridden it several times. I agree that AZ needs more of these back roads! Unfortunately they are few and far between. Although we did discover some back roads around Wilcox that go through the agricultural areas near there.
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7 months ago