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July 14, 2015

Day 12: Seattle, to in the air

After having packed the Bike Fridays into suitcases a zillion times already, you would think our times would be pretty quick. Not! First off, the amount of disassembly that is needed just plain takes time. But then there is an always changing cast of water bottles and miscellaneous bits vying for a spot within the jigsaw puzzle. The two bikes also differ just enough to not make it much simpler to do the second one, once we have remembered how to do the first one. Fortunately, we had a half day to achieve this in, so it happened within that deadline and without too much (now getting scarce) hair torn out.

With everything now organized and ready, Dodie showed some kind of attraction to further chaos, and spent 3 hours playing with Lego with the kids. Between them, they made a giant mess in Avi's room, and that was before the game became "smash the Lego"!

The day ends with us weaving through Seattle traffic, which is truly insane. Fortunately we were using the excellent service Shuttle Express, which picks up at your door and drops you at the airline. With the bikes and all the gear, their big van is pretty much essential.

This is being written in the Toronto airport, so we must have made it, at least to Canada. But it's a new day, so what happens will only be found on the next page (when written!).

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