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June 1, 2015

A Grandparent's Legacy

What do we remember of our grandparents? What did they leave for us? If they are already gone, and if we were quite little when we knew them, there may be only a few precious things.

Dodie's fondest memory of her grandfather is of picking wild berries in the forests north of Montreal. Even when quite old, he was spry, and could climb the hills where the blueberries were found. On berry picking "expeditions" he taught her not only a love of the outdoors and a respect for the wild fruits, but most importantly the patience needed to do the gathering.

Dodie, as one of sixteen grandchildren, remembers when it was her individual turn to be allowed to sleepover at her grandparents' house. Then she would sip tea in a glass through a sugar cube, Russian style, and listen to her grandmother's stories of life in the old country.

Steve remembers his grandmother's farm, the barn smells, and the old horse "Dolly". One day under a mat at the back stairs he found a cache of colourful (drainage) stones. He ran with one of these to his grandmother, who said he could keep it. A gift remembered for 60 years! And Steve also remembers being sent over to his other grandparents' house to visit. It seemed boring then but his grandfather let him win at Parcheesi. Another gift remembered for 60 years.

So here we sit as this is being written, on the ferry to Seattle. We are travelling to visit Avi and Violet (and yes, the rest of the family there) for just two days. Two day's travel for two days stay. It's worth it. We have some gifts to deliver - some clothes, some books. But more importantly, we want to plan our next bike ride together. Maybe in the end they will actually remember one of the darn books, but we are betting it will be the bike rides. Already last year when we presented Violet with her printed version of "Grampies Go With the Grands" (a trip from Sydney to Sooke on Vancouver Island), - sequel to "Grampies Go Panhandling", she exclaimed "Hey, is this a Series?" Yes, Violet, it's a Series. It started with Dodie's grandfather, and it will continue for as long as we are able. One day we hope you (and Avi and Amelia and Evelyn and later, Joseph) will remember, and carry it on.

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