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July 13, 2015

Day 10 +11: Seattle: Let's Get Organized!

After we dumped all our gear into Laurie's living room, and up to six bikes (counting WeeHoos) into the back yard, I am sure she was a little perturbed at the chaos. If she was, then she could have joined our club, because we had to sort out what was kids' stuff, staying here,our stuff - going home in November - what was coming just as far as Montreal, what was for Europe, and which things somehow crossed one or more categories. Then we had to crunch Montreal and Europe stuff into just two checked bags (with the bikes taking up two more bags). We despaired for a while, and went to check how much Air Canada would charge if we showed up with yet one additional piece of luggage. $100! Ok, we just jumped up and down on our stuff and crammed it in!

We have disassembled the bikes, ready to go into their suitcases, but we reserved the joy of fitting them in for tomorrow. Don't want to have too much packing fun all at once!

Instead of bedtime stories, Dodie trotted out a jigsaw puzzle map of Canada, and she and the kids put it together. I tried, but somehow got lost in Ontario. We did notice just from this puzzle that Quebec is actually way bigger than Ontario. We had thought of Ontario as biggest, but that was just based on a song we know that makes much of how much bigger Ontario is than Texas. Well that part is true. Ontario is 56% bigger than Texas. But get this, Quebec is 43% bigger than Ontario, and wait for it, Nunavut is 36% bigger than Quebec! (Nunavit is the territory in the far north - central part of Canada, largest town, Iqaluit).

Why all this Canadian geography? Well we are starting to think about where to cycle next year. There are still lots of possibilities, but the Canadian Rockies have been highly touted.

Meanwhile, we got a text message from Amelia, urging us to hurry up and get there. We are working on it - and will fly tomorrow night. We are coming with several small gifts that we are sure are going to be big hits, so we are eager to land in Montreal as well!

Oh no, Laurie's house wrecked again.
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Backyard bike wrecker.
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Grampies learn about Canada from a jigsaw puzzle.
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