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April 27, 2021

Penola to Casterton

Packed up a damp tent fly today, so much nicer than a dripping wet one. 

I grabbed a coffee and mini donut (for later)  from the Windara Bakery, same place as yesterday's vanilla slice. 

We cycled out at 8:45am, grey day again, no rain and a tiny headwind. I kept my red fleecy jacket on all day again.

Just a coffee minute, almost ready to leave Penola
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Victoria here we come
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An hour out of Penola we hit the Victorian border. To get into Victoria you need a border pass. It's free and takes 5 mins online, no big deal coming from SA where we don't have any community based Covid19. But I was honesty expecting someone at the border to check I was being a good citizen.  The only indication I crossed the border was the sign, just like pre-Covid19 days.

Victoria - South Australia border. First use of a selfy stick. Duckie thought I did ok, at least I didn't drop the phone.
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I have got good at looking in my mirror and doing the pattern matching to determine if it's a car, a car with caravan, campervan or truck. Most people have lights on so you see those first. I had one of those moments all cyclist dred. I spotted a car with caravan in my mirror coming around a corner some way behind me. But my pattern matching intuition knew there something else. Sure enough as they straighten up, a truck pulls out to overtake the car. This is a C grade road without a shoulder,  there hardly room for a caravan and a passing truck. Definitely no room for me too, so I just rode onto the gravel, stopped and let the procession fly past. I have no doubt that the car driver was stressed by the whole thing. 

Looking back I'm amazed at my lack of either fear or anger. I was so calm and collect. I'm quite impressed with myself, but happy if it never happens again.

The remainder of the trip to Casterton was uneventful.  We got in about 1pm.  There was a lot more trucks on this road than I expected. I'm not sure where they are going.

Made it
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The first thing that struck me about Casterton was the weather board houses. This is something we don't see much of in Adelaide. I think it's historical because Adelaide didn't have the wood requirement to build weatherboard houses, so most houses are brick or stone for the older ones.

Casterton main Street. On the hill is a Fleur-de-leur you can just make out.
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I dropped into the information centre which is also the Kelpie interpretive centre. The chatty lady helped me download the Service Vic Covid19 check-in app. Only to then explain that there are at least 3 different apps in use in Victoria, depending on what the business has chosen to use. In SA there is only 1 app and it's a legal requirement to check-in using the app or by leaving your contact details. In Casterton at least it all seems very optional. I was a bit shocked.

Casterton is the home of the Kelpie. A breed of farm dog, with amazing talent for sheep. There are several statues around town of Kelpies.

On The Sheeps Back. A good skill for Kelpies to have in the yards
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Kelpie was the name of the original Kelpie. All of them stem from her.
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The Glenelg river
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I sent out after dark to see the lite up Fleur-de-leur. It was first created in 1941 as  part of a bigger scouting event. It was originally lite nightly be hand. Now it uses strip lighting and automation.

Scout Fleur de Leur.
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I'm in the council run caravan park. No camp kitchen again, but good otherwise.

I enjoyed today, nice balance between traveling to my destination and site seeing.

Today's ride: 62 km (39 miles)
Total: 556 km (345 miles)

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durand de ZylvaHi Brianna,
Interesting reading from day 1. The more detail the more intensely I can experience vicariously :).

Mirrors are great but as you know the vehicle in the mirror can hide several more behind it. I learnt not to move off my line too early but I never had large vehicles like caravans to deal with.

Ride safe.
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