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April 28, 2021

Casterton to Hamilton via wannon falls

I changed my plans. I was going to go through Merino but instead I'm opting for a more direct route to Hamilton. This is because I was originally going to stay in Merino but instead stayed in Casterton last night, negating any need to visit Merino.

This morning I got to meet Grace and her uncle. Grace is 11 years old and was interested in my trip. I hope I've inspired a new adventurer in the world with our chat. 

Grace, it was lovely chatting with you and your uncle this morning
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Travelled out of town via some back roads to bypass the busy Glenelg highway B160,  I got onto the C195. I soon crossed over the Wannon river. I'm heading towards the Wannon falls near Hamilton and will be following this river all day.

Wannon river, I will see it a few times today.
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I put together todays route using komoot and goggle maps, it's not the route from the original Cyclewayz app that I have been following mostly up to now. 

I turned off the C195 a few more kms down the road and from then on the roads where like a personal bike path with the occasional farmer. I couldn't be more pleased with the route to Wannon falls.

I saw 1 farmer 3 times. The first time, I was stopped at the top of a hill on a t-junction looking back down the road catching my breath.  He was driving up the same road. He tooted his horn and it was like the paddock in front of me lite up with a sheep choir. All of them started baaring. Baar, Baar. As he came around to the gate some were waiting already and others were running up the paddock, still barring. Quite a show to see. I assume there is grain in the hopper he was towing and the sheep clearly see it as a big treat.

I saw this farmer 3 times. He would drive up to a paddock and toot his horn to attract the attention of the sheep
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The animals are funny. In general the cows watch me ride past. I've even see one with food hanging out if her mouth mid chew.  Where as the sheep tend to run away. It always starts with one and like a Mexican wave moves through the flow. Silly sheep.

When you feel like everybody is watching you.
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I found a nice spot under some pines trees for lunch. I love the smell of pine, it reminds me of Christmas.

Lunch at the top
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Lunch spot. I even had an old piece of cement for a seat. Yes I checked it for snakes before sitting down (well almost)
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Onto Wannon falls. The falls where lovely. The viewing platform was weird. I was the only one there and just me alone walking on it create a vibration that was disconcerting. Glad there wasn't a bus load of people there. Very peaceful spot on my own.

Wannon falls
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For you engineering buffs. It looks like the viewing platform is cantilever.
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My day went off the rail at this point.  Pun intended. The plan was to link into the rail trail to Hamilton. I was under no illusion  that it would be rough.

That's a rail trail??
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In true Brianna style I push on, cause this is the plan. About 2 kilometre in I got a small log caught up in the chain and the realisation that I could ride the 'track' but I could break Monti in the process abruptly dawned on me. So grease on my hands I walked the 2 kms back and rode the busy Glenelg highway 10kms to where I found a piece of the rail trail that looked for like what I was expecting.

Even has some signs
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Rail trail to Hamilton, it's still very much in the development phase
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I sent the guys at MyRide Salisbury a couple of photos of my back derailleur and followed up with a phone call. Alex and Gaven assure me everything looked ok. Thanks guys and gals I needed to hear that.

It was a big day today and I thoroughly enjoyable!  So much so I've decided to skip my rest day tomorrow and head to Port Fairy as Mike Ayling and several in SARCC have suggested. Mike I'm using your trip journal as a foundation.

Today's ride: 77 km (48 miles)
Total: 633 km (393 miles)

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