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April 29, 2021

Hamilton to Port Fairy

Not on the plan, but I'm having fun

I headed out on a cold morning, riding the A200 for just a few kms, then turning onto the C184 for most of the day. Traffic was light with only a few trucks all day.

Here we go Duckie. C184
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The sky is blue so I have my small solar panel out for the first time. My power bank should be charged by the time I get to Port Fairy.

It's sunny!!
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Andrew HaycraftWhat make/model is it Brianna and how much?
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5 days ago

I stopped for a coffee and KitKat at MacArthur. It just shows how much of a coffee nation we are when even the general store in a tiny country town had barista coffee. Nice little town. I got talking to the gentleman cleaning the public toilets, he does the whole area between MacArthur and Port Fairy. He told me about the Irish festival thats on in Koroit this weekend. That could be fun. Maybe we'll come back next year.

Road to Port Fairy
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This area of the world has these cute mail boxes. I've seen several on the road, each one personalised.

Lots of Mail boxes looked like this today. There must be a clever handy man or woman in the area.
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Nearing Port Fairy I turned off the C184 and went down some minor single lane roads to tag onto the last few kms of the Port Fairy to Warrnambool rail trail. I'll be coming back this way tomorrow. 

Lots of cyclists must come to do the rail trail.
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The trail was initially a bit soft. Beautiful scenery.
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Closer to town. Note the new plantings.
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Port Fairy is lovely, so glad I made the detour here. I set up camp and went for an explore around town. Griffiths island is closed due to storm damage a few weeks ago. Tower Hill was picturesque. I could hear lots of birds and saw a few tiny wrens. I tried to photograph them, but they are too quick.

Found the harbour
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I saw several cars up the road on a rise so went to see what the interest was. Surfing! The waves looked great. I can't surf but they sure made it look fun.

The southern Ocean with surfers
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More weatherboard houses. I thought this one was particularly beautiful.
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The day ended with a fantastic sunset, what more could I ask for.

From the Moyne river bridge
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Andrew HaycraftStunning sunset and the cloud reflections on the water top it off
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5 days ago
Brianna DallTo Andrew HaycraftYes, it was a real fluke, just in the right place in the right moment.
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5 days ago
Further around at camp
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I joined the Probus club in the camp kitchen for dinner. Friendly group of people from Ballarat. They are here for the Irish festival I mentioned earlier. We were packing up when a group of people strolled in, are we were finishing up. They'd liked to play some Irish music. At first I thought they meant from CD or something, but no with real instruments, cool. We were welcome to stay and listen. I didn't need to be asked twice. The group is from Adelaide, lol, small world.

Today's ride: 87 km (54 miles)
Total: 720 km (447 miles)

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