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April 26, 2021

Lucindale to Penola

I had a great day, the best so far this trip.

The day started out foggy and hence I once again packed up a sopping wet tent fly.  The only sound as I rode out was that of the garbage truck doing his rounds. Not everyone gets the public holiday off.

As I rode through Lucindale I pasted by the Lucindale Scout Hall. I had to take a photo for all my scouty friends.

Lucindale Scout Hall. Plan, Do, Review. Skills I learnt in Scouts that work everywhere
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The day was overcast but no rain and almost no wind. At times it felt like I was the only one wake this morning. I put a podcast on to catch the news and this week's Science Show on the ABC. No Covid19 lock downs in Victoria, good! I close the border tomorrow. I have my border pass all set to go.

That's where I'm heading today, Penola
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Gray day, no rain or wind to speak of. Perfect cycling weather.
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Forestry is a major industry for Penola . I didn't know this until today. I pasted by many pine and gum tree plantation.

Plantation gum trees behind a beautiful old gum tree.
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I saw several Crimson Rosella's and a pair of Black Cockatoo. They flew off before I could photograph them.

Poplars changing colour for autumn.
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I arrived in Penola at lunch time so I just had to visit the bakery. 

Pie, vanilla slice and good coffee for lunch. Perfect cycling combo. Although chocolate donuts are good to, it was a hard decision.
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The lovely gentleman at reception gave me a great spot at the Penola Caravan park. He was happy for me to use the power to charge my bike and phone. Plus he put me near a park bench 😃 as there is no camp kitchen 

Everything I need, power, grass and a park bench. The facilities are also just off to the right. Excellent for $20.
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The Penola information centre doubles as a small museum or history centre.  Very interesting display, well worth the visit.

They also directed me to Petticoat Lane. No one seems quite sure how it got its name but one story was because of all the girls born there.

Most of the street is owned by the National Trust due to the historical cottages. The Mary McKillop interpretive centre is also on the corner but I was too late to make it a worthwhile visit, so I focus on the cottages, two of which you can walk through.

Petticoat Lane, you can make out the original style gutters of hardwood put back in as part of making the street more authentic.
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Sharan Cottage. Build 1850, using slabs of wood to make the walls. Similar construction for the roof originally. It would have been drafty to live I think.
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Sharan Cottage 2 built in 1864.
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Both cottages shared a fruit and veggie garden. I love looking at veggie gardens and seeing what's growing. There was also a pretty rose garden next door.

Presbyterian church, built 1870. The tower was always planned but not completed until 1906
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Inside St Joseph's Catholic church. Built 1859
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Back to camp for dinner, before it gets to dark. Sunset is at 5:30pm so I like to have finished cooking by then. A cycle touring cookbook convinced me a frying pan would be a useful tool to have. Not exactly sure if I would use it, but with the thought of cheese omelets I bought a small one along. It came into it own tonight fried onions and meat patties. Yum!  Salad too, of courses. 

Today's ride: 73 km (45 miles)
Total: 494 km (307 miles)

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Robert DaviesI have been following the dots for the last 6 days. Bad news from this is, I know when you visit the toilet.

Good news is today Iā€™m back at work and discover your blog so I do not need to go down to this detail. In that 6 days I imagined you doing it tough, fighting through the elements, dodging danger going where no woman has gone before.

But now I see the photos with coffee and donuts, smiling facing it looks more like an electric reclining arm chair grand tour :)
Great entertainment.
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1 week ago
Brianna DallTo Robert DaviesRob, lol. You know that Coffee and donuts fixed the worst nightmares, even the self created ones.
I guess this means if my schedule slips you'll know why I'm not at work on the 10th šŸ˜.
Glad you are enjoying the virtual rode too.

Note: for everyone else Rob is my boss, he's a good guy.
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1 week ago
Robert DaviesI have been roughly guessing your route and likely stops day to day prior to seeing the Blog. I will certainly know when the schedule slips given the detailed plan. But can't see any danger there, it looks like you are cruising currently.

Enjoy the rest of the ride
ā˜•ļø šŸ© šŸ© šŸ˜€
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1 week ago