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April 22, 2021

McLaren Vale to Langhorne Creek

It rained overnight but I was all snug in my tent. This morning's ride was the tale if 4 climbs, each different. 

A few kms on the Shiraz rail trail as a pleasant warmup first.

Shiraz rail trail
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Then out onto the road. I was a bit nervous to be honest but set off anyway cause that's part of what this trip is about. Challenging myself. It actually was fine and traffic was great.

Out onto the road. That's the start of the first climb for the day up there
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Climb 1  started as a slowish grind up and up with a drizzle of rain. I was to busy huffing and puffing to care about the drizzle though. I used my lowest gear and the Tour setting on the ebike but we got there.

Looking back down where I'd come from. You can just make out the coast
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The sun tried to break through over this vineyard
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While taking the vineyard photo and catching my breath a van rolled up at the hall across the road and alerted my to a public toilet. Yes! I learnt yesterday to use toilets when they become available not necessarily when needed.

Toilet with a view plus they were clean. Definitely a winner.
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Climb 2 was on gravel. Nice gravel though a few pot holes but no corrugations. The rain overnight made it damp so no dust when the odd car passed. Once again Monti and I peddled our way up to the top. Going down was a bit slower as I fell off my bike a week ago. I still have an impressive bruise on my left thigh from it. I fell taking a wet corner to fast for the conditions.  Todays corners on gravel were somehow more intimating than they used to be.

Where I came from, left side
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Where I'm heading, off to the left, downhill
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Climb 3 was more gravel up hill same as before. But the downhill was beautiful bitumen down into this sweet valley that reminded me of Tasmania. Old farm house and stone shed included. I only took this one photo at the top as I was having to much fun on the down. Sorry

I might have to break and slow down on this decent. Blue sky is trying to break through
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Climb 4 was wicked and not in a good way. Actually the climb up was ok more gravel that was a bit rougher than I'd seen previously today but ridable. The down was full of erroded gullies and rocks! I walked the last 3 kms down. At the bottom my brakes where starting to squeel and they where really hot.

The cyclewayz app said it was rough.
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Time to start walking. The road got steeper and rougher from here down 3 kms to the bottom
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We made it to Ashbourne in once piece. I had a small chat with a lady there before heading into Strathalbyn. People are friendly and interested in my bike, it's nice.

I sat in the Strathalbyn Library charging my ebike battery before heading to the free campsite a Langhorne Creek. Fantastic library, they couldn't have been more helpful about charging my battery. Plus there is a kitchen to make coffee and eat my lunch at. 

Camped out in the Strathalbyn Library writing this journal
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Thank you Simon for making me feel welcome in your library.

Made it to Frank Potts Reserve by 4:30pm. It's later than I'd like but that's what happens when I spend 2hrs charging in the middle of the day. But it makes tomorrow 18 kms shorten. Camp was soon setup and dinner stated, I'm getting into a bit of a rythum already.

The tent fly was still dripping wet from this morning but it soon dried.

Frank Potts Reserve campsite. I even got a park bench to sit at. Not bad for $5.
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I'm pleased with today. The hills were hard, but I made it. I have a similar hilly day in 11 days time, it will be interesting to see if I notice any fitness differences.

Today's ride: 58 km (36 miles)
Total: 136 km (84 miles)

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