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April 23, 2021

Langhorne Creek to Meningie

Tent was dry this morning and the traffic wasn't to noisy last nigh, so a good start to the day

A few kms of gravel this morning. The gravel runs parallel to the bitumen just a km over. It was a nice warm up.

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Then I joined back onto the road to Wellington, it has no shoulder but the traffic was light and it gave me lots of room so I felt comfortable. I think I saw the same garbage truck 3 times, doing his round. We smile and waved.

First water sighting, you can just see Lake Alexandrina
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 Wellington has a ferry to cross the Murray River.  I queued up at the pedestrian spot and walked my bike on when asked. It was fun.

Ferry arriving. My turn
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Full ferry. The attendant knew what he could fit. That's a truck next to my bike and it's tailgate is centimetres from the ferry gate.
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I stopped at the The Hall cafe, only about 1km from the ferry. I'd heard they made good coffee. I decided on an early lunch, the salmon quiche was yum!. So was the coffee. The lovely lady prapriator also happily filled my water bottles with filtered water and I got a home made ANZAC biscuit to take with me. So nice.

The Hall cafe building was only reconditioned recently. Last I looked on Google Street view it was still a ruin.
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Quiche and coffee for an early lunch. Yum!
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Then I turned onto the B1 highway. The traffic was a bit intimidating at first. A few trucks and just more cars than I'm used to. But the road has a good size should that's in good condition so I road in that and the traffic was good at giving me space. I kept an eye on my mirror too.

The B1 and a truck just drove through. Oh dear.
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I made it to Meningie battling a moderate head wind.  My route guided me onto an access road on the outskirts of town and then onto a shared pathway. I chatted with a guy in a wheel chair that had a powered wheel on the back.  He controls it with his watch, it was an interesting invention.

As I pulled up at the caravan so did a 4WD.  A women jumped. "Chil ( my scout name), I thought it was you". Cookie ( Jenny) was also staying in the Meningie caravan park for the weekend. Right next to me it turned out. It was so wonderful to see a familiar face and catch up with Jenny over dinner. Best surprise this trip so far and it wasn't even planned 😃

I'm not sure if I bought him with me ( scarey thought) or he just jumped onto the battery cover as I put it on the ground. We call then hunters, they are reasonable passive for a spider but their bite does hurt if you do happen to get biten.
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The caravan park is on the banks of Lake Albert, so everyone gets a view.

My home for the night. The park is busy as it's a long weekend.
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Today was hard work and I'm pressed with my progress.

Today's ride: 80 km (50 miles)
Total: 216 km (134 miles)

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Marian HarperWhat a welcoming surprise to catch up with a Scouting mate! Keep up the good work. We’re all behind you- literally and figuratively 😀
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1 week ago
Brianna DallHi Marian, lovely to hear you support.
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1 week ago