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April 24, 2021

Meningie to 28 Mile Crossing campsite

I did it, 101kms today!!  

Today and tomorrow will make or break my schedule and it's so nice to have completed such a big day. The last 12kms where on gravel and I turned off the power assist for half of it to conserve the battery for tomorrow. Gravel riding always eats up the power assist a lot more than pavement. I'm in the Coorong National park campsite tonight so no power or much else, except a toilet.

The drizzle started in the morning before I got up. So I had museli and coffee in my tent. Then started packing up. 

I made a rookie mistake this morning. The drrizzle had stopped, the sun came out and I was almost packed. I walked off to the facilities to wash my dishes. I was even had the bright idea if using the dries in the toilets to dry them off. I was just telling myself what a clever idea that was as I came out of the toilet block and realised it was raining. Only I hadn't closed off the panniers and my gear was getting wet!  Lesson learnt.

Found this amazing piece of art on my way out of Meningie
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More cycling along the B1 today, into the Coorong

Clouds are lifting
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I stopped at policeman's Point hoping to get something to eat. But they're only servicing people who'd booked a room according to the sign on the door. Not very helpful.

I pushed onto Salt Creek. The petrol station there has been closed for 2 years but I'd hurt there was a coffee van operating out of someones front yard, that maybe open. It was and run by lovely people Sarah and Mandell. Coffee was yum! And so was the toasted sandwich.

Salt Creek coffee van. Worth a visit just because the people are so nice. Open 7-ish days a week
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Pull over with a view. I like cycling near the water.
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The should on the B1 varies a bit and is as wide as some bike lanes in Adelaide. 

Shadow art anyone. Gives you an idea how wide the should is on the B1
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Turned off the B1 onto the Old Corrong Road. It was nice to get away from the traffic noise even if the gravel is more work.

Onto the gravel for the last 12kms to camp
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The purple salt bush.was nice to look at.
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As I'm getting closer to camp the gray clouds are forming in front of me. I'm bit over the rain.

Not more rain. Oh no.
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I managed to make it into camp and get my tent set up before the rain hit, could have been worse .

Early night it's another big day tomorrow.

Camp all set for the night
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Today's ride: 101 km (63 miles)
Total: 317 km (197 miles)

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Jenni DallJust thinking... IMHO the biggest challenges/spoilers when cycling are (in descending order):
1) traffic
2) gravel (but I have skinny tyres)
3) head winds
4) body aches
5) rain
So I'm right there with you! Sounds like you're managing all pretty well though!
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