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August 14, 2014

Ready, set go: First day out of Perth

The plan is to ride from home to the Perth metro and get off at the end of the midland line where I can pick up the start of the rail trail. The rail trail connects with the Kep Track which will take me to Northam.

Doubt I'll make it that far, so first night will be stealth camping in the bush.

Knee Saver
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So what happened?

Friendly local offered to take me to the start of the rail trail in Midland, so she was my real knee saver. But we didn't get started until mid day and I didn't start cycling until 1 pm. So much for the early start.

Friendly Local
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Rolled up the hill on the rail trail and then on to the Kep Track. I ended up doing about 30 km. I haven't done any training or much riding this winter, so that was a good effort for an old man. I ended up camping just off the Kep Track. You can easily stealth camp anywhere on the track once you get past the ranger patrolled Glen Forrest National Park. I had the whole track to myself, saw maybe 3 other cyclists and a couple of people walking their dogs.

It was a beautiful ride in great weather and a quiet night's camp in the bush.

All to myself
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