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June 6, 2017

Maybell-Hayden,CO: Jacinto never has an ordinary flat tire

Hayden elevation - 6,434 feet. High point for the day - 6,598 feet.

I am developing the unpleasant habit of waking up about 4 AM to use the bathroom and then I can't go back to sleep. That's my usual wake up time for work and I am on vacation! This is not desirable.

I thought I would hear the guys rattling around, but the place was dead quiet. I guess they knew how to build things in the old days. No paper thin walls here.

I gave up and got up at 5:30 to nab one of the bathrooms first. I was very organized and did the bathroom stuff in one swoop. Came back to the room and did sunscreen and packed everything up. I told Jacinto goodbye and said I'd only come back if someone had stolen his bike. He refused (for what reason I do not know) to put his bike in the garage like the rest of us and left it on the front porch all night. I suppose if I had been real concerned I would have wheeled his bike around back myself. It's that kind of town though. The Trucker was still on the porch. Which was good because it had my breakfast stuff in it.

The other guys wandered in and we had breakfast. We had agreed on a 7 AM depart. The five of use were outside for a group recumbent photo. Jacinto was still in bed. He didn't even leave town until 10:45!

I gave my usual speech about being slow and don't wait for me. Guess what? We stayed together all morning. I'm quite sure they were hanging back so I could keep up. We rode 30 miles together, to Craig. From there Joe needed something to repair his torn pannier from the fall yesterday. Steve wanted a long sleeve shirt to protect him from the sun. I wanted food! The downside of little tiny towns is lack of food choices. Dinner last night at the Victory was a joke. Marty said he almost asked for half his money back. I would agree with that statement on the value of the meal. I would have rather had a can of chili. But, that's part of the adventure and I know that. I certainly do appreciate a good meal when I get one. Maybe tonight?

Jacinto travels to Craig frequently for work. He said the Chinese restaurant there charges $10. for a take out box as full as you can fill it. Joe said he didn't like Chinese in rural areas, he didn't trust the ingredients. Ok. Next choice? Jilberto's is a small fast food Mexican chain. Jorge, Marty, and I went there and had lunch while Joe and Steve did their shopping and went to Wendy's. We were finished first and headed out of town.

Twenty miles to Hayden. I wasn't feeling much like riding after eating, but it's been such an easy day - all I need to do is turn the pedals. It seemed hot when we exited the restaurant, but the phone said 78 degrees. We've had little ups and downs, but no extended climbs at all. This section of Highway 40 is flat and fast. We had a light tailwind and bright blue skies. I looked around for clouds. There should be clouds by now, with the forecast. Oh, yes - a few over there. That's a good place for them.

Just as Jorge took a turn to the rest area, Joe sent a text asking if his Spot tracker was working. Yep, looks good to me. Men do what they have to do to go on vacation. The Spot made Joe's wife happy, clear over in Florida. I'm all for happy spouses.

Eight more miles to town. The scenery turned greener and wetter. We passed the state park, which has camping and looks very nice.

There was the Hayden town limits sign. Out in the middle of nowhere, but we are getting close!

Marty stopped at the pizza place to call the boarding house lady to get in their room. Remember, he was innovative and checked the city website for lodging. There are only three rooms above the bar. The cleaning lady was just finishing with our rooms, they were sparkling clean. She even got us ice from the closed bar. Jorge helped me get my bike up the stairs. Joe got his long Bella by himself. He says it's quite light. Oren - maybe you need an Aluminum Bella?

Jorge went next door to the liquor store for beer - my first of the trip. I don't know how that happened, usually we have a beer each night.

Then I did the getting to town thing - shower and laundry. I ate my leftovers with Jorge's beer.

The best part? The internet is lightning fast. It is so much more pleasant when it doesn't take five minutes to load a photo here.

Jacinto eventually showed up. I had to help him load his bike up the stairs. He stepped backwards with his bike shoe, right on my foot and I screamed in his ear. Now he says he can't hear in that ear. We both giggled all the way up the stairs. I'm sure men don't giggle - but . . .

It looks like dinner is tonight at 6 PM at the pizza place it's the only game in town.

Jacinto is eating pistachios and drinking pop and watching Jerry Springer. Have you ever seen Jerry Springer? I haven't. This is too much for me . . . .

Jorge came over and gave Jacinto his Jilberto leftovers. Jacinto is so happy - he hasn't had any leftovers this trip. Usually he has 3-4 days of leftovers saved up and has to make sure and rotate his foods. Those who have toured with us know just what I'm talking about! It is a frequent source of evening amusement over dinner that Jacinto saves food for so long. He says there's no worry, the food is refrigerated on occasion. It should be fine.

Update - we shared the last of Jorge's beers sitting in Joe's very nice living room in his spacious two bedroom apartment. $120 a night, if you are in the area. We discussed bicycles and bicycle seats. The difficulties of having a different hobby from your spouse and spending money on cycling. After all of that talk, it was time for dinner. The only game in town tonight is the White House Pizza. Several of the guys ordered sirloin steak and seemed happy. A couple got pizza so they would have leftovers for lunch. I think we were all satisfied, but I am still looking for a great meal.

After dinner the guys went for a stroll to find the coffee shop in preparation for the morning.

It has been a good day.

I restrained myself today - only one abandoned buildings shot. But there is more than one building.
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These signs started appearing outside of Maybell and continued the entire day with different sayings
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The five of us rode together the first 30 miles, to Craig. Jacinto? He was back at the Victory, in bed.
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Ready to roll from the rest break. Note the sagebrush - that was the typical scenery today until close to Hayden, then we started to see wetlands.
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The coal powered electric plant dominates the landscape outside of Craig. Locals were hoping Trump would put more coal miners back to work, but it hasn't happened yet.
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Marty, Jorge, and I went to Jilberto's in Craig for some fast food Mexican. Joe and Steve had shopping to do and they went to Wendy's.
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This is the back side of the old drive in movie screen tower in Craig. Once upon a time my mother owned it.
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I thought these were barn quilts, but they are flags.
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Wetlands, close to Hayden.Notice the building clouds. The forecast was for a 50% chance of rain from 11-7 PM - so far we have seen nothing.
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We are staying over the bar tonight. That doesn't sound so good, but it is excellent. Two thumbs up for being newly remodeled and extra clean. The bar/restaurant is closed tonight, otherwise we might not be so happy if the bar had rowdy patrons.
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Laundry day, bicyclist style.
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Jacinto's flat tire. Last time it was a giant nail. This time a screw. He said he was happy. What? Happy to have a flat? Yes, because it was on the front.
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Group photo of the recumbent riders.
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Joe's photo of Jorge and his Lightning P-38.
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Today's ride: 48 miles (77 km)
Total: 136 miles (219 km)

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