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July 9, 2022

Day 44: Roeburne to Miaree Pool rest area

Start: 8:05 am
Distance: 62 km
Ride time: 2:37 hours
Average: 24 km/hr
Max: 35 km/hr
Finish:  12 pm

I thought I had found the perfect stealth camping spot with lush grass and a picnic table. Unfortunately I failed to realise that they use automatic sprinklers to water the grass.

They came on at 5am. There was a sprinkler right by my door. I quickly put my tent bag over it and put all the things inside that couldn't get wet.

They only stayed on for 30 minutes then I went back to sleep.

I had servo toasties for breakfast and bought salad sandwiches for the road.

A Rio Tinto empty train leaving and a full one coming in.
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Lots of grassy plains today.
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A Supagas plant in the middle of nowhere.
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I had a nice tailwind all day. I made it easily to the rest area although my legs were a little fatigued from yesterday. 

Welcome to Country.
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I was pleased to see my Spaniard friend again. He was setting up his tent. I learnt his name is Josè Luis.

He communicated to me that he fell off his bike coming into the rest area. It's loose gravel and a little steep. His handlebar mirror broke off. I was able to fix it with a cable tie. He seemed very pleased with this.

I had a quick swim and wash in the river.
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It was very cool and refreshing. I'm pleased that I don't have to worry about crocodiles anymore.

I spent the afternoon napping and reading. 

I used a rock to put in the tent pegs.

This scary centipede was hiding under the rock.
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Annie O'SheaThey can give you a nasty sting,in Qld they've got big orange ones, not nice and I vacuum them up Ugh
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1 year ago
Vince McCarthyI was too scared to touch it.
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1 year ago

I think it's a tiger centipede

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Today's ride: 62 km (39 miles)
Total: 2,634 km (1,636 miles)

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