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November 5, 2022

Day 161: Meningie to Oystercatcher

Start: 7:25am
Distance: 72km
Ride time:  3:31hours
Average:  21km/hr 
Max: 37km/hr
Finish: 12:15pm

Last night was the first time in more than a week that it wasn't windy. I went to sleep listening to many frogs in the nearby reeds.

I was up early ready for a moderate day's ride as a crosswind was forecast. This was incorrect and it was mostly a tailwind. I loaded up with two days of water.

The Coorong National Park is on my right side today.
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There is a 100km long water body called The Coorong and then a thin strip of land next to the ocean. The blue dot is where I will camp.
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Unfortunately I saw a feral cat and a fox today. They were too quick for a photo. 

The Tanganekald people were or are an Aboriginal Australian people of the Ngarrindjeri nation.
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I saw a few little basic shacks next to the water. It reminded me of The Storm Boy movie.
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In the tiny township (no shops) of Salt Creek I saw an oil well monument.
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Mike AylingHi Vince,
When we rode Adelaide to Melbourne in 2009 there was a pub there and we camped behind it.

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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyThere is a coffee van here now.
There is what looks to be a roadhouse that been closed down for ages.
And 10kms back down the road is the Coorong pub.
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4 weeks ago

Australia's first oil well was dug here in 1866. It was unsuccessful and the industry didn't produce oil until the 1960s.

At Salt Creek, I turned off the main road and went into the Coorong National Park along the Scenic Dr/Loop Rd gravel road for 7kms.
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I saw water birds.
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And 7 shingleback lizards!
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And 2 eastern brown snakes!
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The shingleback in the top of the photo walked past the tail of the snake. The snake didn't care, maybe because it was watching me?
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Annie O'SheaThat's a big bugger,ugh I wouldn't be that close to it.
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1 month ago
I'm happy I bought the snake compression bandage on KI. I have placed it on my bike for quick and easy access.
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I might look like I'm close to the snakes but I wasn't. I just zoomed in on the pic. I definitely don't want to upset a snake.

I arrived at the Oystercatcher campground. 

It is next to Tea Tree Crossing. This crossing will take you to the thin strip of land next to the beach. Today it is under water.
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No speeders today.
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The water's edge had thousands of tiny 3mm shells.
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And bendy tea trees.
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There are 4 campsites here. I booked my site online. There are no toilets, water, picnic tables or other campers. There are 1,000,000 mozzies.

I put up my tent and had a wash in the briny water. I happily spent most of my time in the tent to avoid the mozzies. Tonight it shouldn't rain so I will sleep with no outer tent so I can watch the stars.

There are lots of fast little birds tweeting and flying about the tea trees. I can hear the gentle hum of the ocean not too far away.

I have a great grassed and shady site. $17.50.
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Today's ride: 72 km (45 miles)
Total: 9,196 km (5,711 miles)

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