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October 14, 2022

Day 139: Mount Hope rest area to Coffin Bay

Start: 10:30am
Distance: 70km
Ride time:  3:51hours
Average:  18km/hr 
Max: 46km/hr
Finish: 3pm

My cold is slowing me down. My alarm went off at 7:30am. It was raining. I returned to sleep for another 2 hours.

There were so many mozzies. I swatted at least 30 while packing up.

I saw a few of crops of this plant. It may be rape seed? I'm not sure.
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Today's tree pic.
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Today's 2nd tree pic was massive. Maybe a river red gum? I only guess this as there was a street nearby by called Red Gum.
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I found a glorious brightly coloured poppy.
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I found another tree with large fruits. I think this is a desert quandong.
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Santalum acuminatum. I will taste the next one I find.

I took a little dirt road short cut to Coffin Bay. The sign said it goes past the airport yet I never saw it?
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While riding along I was watching the traffic in my mirror and I came within 2m of hitting an emu.

The emu joined a friend and nonchalantly walked away. It was weird as most emus run for 50m and then will watch you.
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This is a pretty town sign.
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At this sign, I rode up a hill to the lookout and was disappointed it was obscured by trees so no pic.

I followed a seperated gravel bike path along the water. There were emu turds everywhere.

And then I found one of the big birds.
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It was used to people but not tame like the emus in Donnelly River. 

I checked into the caravan park and was amazed to see a mob of emus. It made me smile lots.
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The town jetty is a bit small.
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If the weather was warmer I'd definitely have a frolic on this pontoon slide.
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The town hall had a nice mural:

Magpies and a blue wren.
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These are oysters.
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There is a good sized supermarket here. I bought some local smoked fish and a salad for dinner. I ate it at the camp kitchen and had an early night. I'm trying to sleep lots to help recover from the cold.

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Today's ride: 70 km (43 miles)
Total: 8,357 km (5,190 miles)

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