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October 10, 2022

Day 136: Rest day

This morning Geoff and I had a bakery breakfast together. We both had a vegetable pastie. Taking any opportunity to eat vegetables. It was the only place open other than the servo.

Geoff kept on riding today to take advantage of the tailwind. Hopefully I'll catch up with him in a few days or so.

I sent a postcard of thanks to Phil and Co from Walpole for fixing my lights. I had offered him cash at the time but he said he only wanted a postcard if I made it across the Nullarbor. 

Some pics around town:

'A day by the seaside.'
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This was rebuilt in 1934. I'm not sure if it is a replica of an earlier building or a new design.
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Some decorative totems. In the background, the jetty has a swimming cage. Maybe to keep out sharks? There were lots of dead shark pics in the pub. One was 5m long and weighed 1,500kgs.
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Kerrin McEvoy was born and raised here. He went on to win 3 Melbourne Cup races and 3 Everest races (Australia's richest horse race).
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You can read an article about it here.

This is my favourite building, the Dragon Boat Club. I could happily live it.
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The caravan park is on this small beach.
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I spent the afternoon meticulously planning the next 2 weeks which is when I'll reach Kangaroo Island and catch up with Serena. 

I've booked all of the accommodation so I hope it all works out. There will be some big days and some small days. I hope the weather will be kind to me.

Today's ride: 9 km (6 miles)
Total: 8,005 km (4,971 miles)

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