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October 8, 2022

Day 134: Ceduna to Smoky Bay

Start: 8:30am
Distance: 47 km
Ride time:  2:46hours
Average:  17km/hr 
Max: 29km/hr
Finish: 12:45pm

This morning started with a cooked breakfast at the bakery with Geoff. He will have a rest day today.

I will have a rest day on Monday so he'll probably catch me then.

I have a cross/headwind today so I'll take it easy and not go far.

I'm very excited about my trip from here to get home. Since leaving Cairns last year, there has been many hot and arduous times with supplies hard to obtain. From here, there should be lots of small towns spaced conveniently apart.

I turned south off the highway to follow the coast.
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I saw some old machinery in a paddock.

This is an early grain harvester, the Wilmington Dignan farm stripper 1890. Invented in South Australia.
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1926 paper article

An old grain trailer.
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A stump-jump plow, also invented in South Australia.
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Stump-jump plow.

It was a delight having a quick research of these implements.

Today's vegetation was 50m of roadside bush and then either wheat or grazing country.
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This says Froggy 26/02/18 R.I.P.
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It was 20kms from Ceduna and not near any farm houses. I don't know how a dog could have made it out here to meet it's demise.

I see white crosses on the roadside almost every day. It makes me sad. It reminds me how vulnerable I am on the road with no control over drunk/drug affected/incompetent or reckless drivers.

This is the first dog memorial I've seen. It made me happy to know someone cared enough for their dog to make this. And what a great name for a dog.

Near the spot was this small flowering tree.
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Annie O'Sheait reminds me of the LilyPily tree I've got the garden will send you a photo of
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1 month ago
I love these signs. The main attraction is a jetty. It usually means a lovely quiet seaside town.
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This big red bellied black snake very quickly went across the road in front of me.
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Annie O'SheaThat's a whopper, how long approx was it
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1 month ago
Vince McCarthyIt was very big. Maybe 1.8 metres long.
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1 month ago

They are a little venomous and are usually docile. But I wouldn't pick one up and cuddle it.

Red bellied black snake.

I've seen 3 of these large bushes recently. It could be the desert quandong.
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Santalum acuminatum. I'll taste the next one I find.

This cast iron whale pot was made in the 1800's.
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They used to kill whales and boil the blubber to make oil. The oil was the used in lamps in the streets and in homes.

The famous jetty.
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Annie O'SheaThat's a long jetty
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1 month ago
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I was very happy to see chilled out pelicans.
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Today's ride: 47 km (29 miles)
Total: 7,915 km (4,915 miles)

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