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September 24, 2022

Day 120: Balladonia to Baxter's rest area

Start: 6:50am
Distance: 117km
Ride time:  4:53hours
Average:  24km/hr 
Max: 36km/hr
Finish: 1:15pm

Today is my 12th wedding anniversary.  I spoke to Serena this morning before I left. It is so nice of her to support me doing this ride.

It was a nice sunny day and I had a good tailwind. 

It is 182kms to the next roadhouse. My plan is to ride until I get tired and camp wherever I am.

Unfortunately I didnt see any of these animals.
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The Royal Flying Doctor Service sometimes land on the road as there are no airstrips out here.
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Flat and straight.
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Some vegetation without any trees.
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Some of the Ride for Compassion people passed me while I was on a break. They're riding in two groups.
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A good photo opportunity.
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These are their 4 support vehicles.
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They have a masseuse who puts up a table at every rest break to heal weary muscles. I'm a little jealous.

Craig and I.
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I was surprised to see that Craig has brought along a drone.
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I don't have enough room in my bags for a drone.

The road looked like this all day.
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The tailwind today was fantastic. At times I was cruising along at 30km/hr.

I would catch up to the Ride for Compassion people when they had their rest breaks. They were nice and friendly.

At one of the rest areas I met a guy travelling in a caravan that recognised me from when I was in Borroloola last year. A very good memory. He has been travelling for 3 years.

The wind gradually increased and I was flying along. If the wind stayed like this I was thinking of riding the 182kms to the roadhouse.

I must have jinxed myself because a few minutes before I stopped at the rest area, the wind changed direction and became a 40-50km/hr crosswind. 

I had a rest and some food. I had done 117kms and that was enough for me  today. The crosswind was too bad for me to continue. 

The Compassion people were still here and I watched the riders depart. One of the support staff Emily asked if she could give me a blessing.

I agreed even though I'm not a religious person. She put her hand on my shoulder and said lots of nice things for me. It was kind of her and I was grateful she took the time to be nice.

The wind became stronger afterwards.  Gusting at maybe 60kms/hr. I had made the right decision to stay.

Shortly after Craig arrived. He will camp here tonight too. 

Scott left early this morning and I didn't see him for the rest of the day.

I saw Thomas at a rest area and then he overtook me. He was talking about doing 250kms due to the good tailwind. 

I made camp and enjoyed lying in my warm tent out of the wind in the afternoon. 

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Today's ride: 117 km (73 miles)
Total: 6,930 km (4,304 miles)

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Kerrie McCarthyHappy Anniversary Vince & Serena❤️
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Rita McCarthybelated Congratulations on your anniversary.💕
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Vince McCarthyTo Kerrie McCarthyThank you aunty.
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