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September 18, 2022

Day 114: Ned's Corner rest area to Esperance

Start: 8am
Distance:  100km
Ride time:  5:39hours
Average:  18km/hr 
Max: 47km/hr
Finish: 3pm

There wasn't much traffic during the night. I only noticed 3 cars and no road trains. 

It rained a little. During the night 1,000 mozzies engulfed my tent.
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When I opened the door to get out, they swarmed inside the tent. They attacked me when I got up so I used a repellent spray. They were persistent and found small spots on my skin that I missed with the spray and bit me there.

I packed up the wet tent and hit the road. There was no big tailwind to help me today. The day started with no wind, then a side wind, then a headwind for the last 30kms.

Young River.
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Lost River.
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Lots of sheep chilling out.
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The landscape was either canola or grazing land all day. It was mostly flat terrain. 

Today's Yoshi pic. I miss her lots.
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Today I got swooped by 3 random magpies.

One of them came from these trees.
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I saw a small blue tree in the middle of nowhere.
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10kms later I saw a blue water tank.
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I struggled a little bit today. It's been a long time since I rode 3, 100km days in a row.

I was happy to arrive in Esperance. 

This is the tallest blue tree I've ever seen. They must use a cherry picker or something to paint it that high.
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Then I saw these two mining train carriages with more mental health signs.
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It makes me happy to see a lot of mental health awareness in the country. 

Esperance docks.
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Beachside art.
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A nice beach with white sand. This is opposite my caravan park.
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When I erected my tent there were many dead mozzies inside and at least 20 live ones still buzzing around. I don't know how they survived being packed up in the tent bag all day. I don't like killing things but it was either them or me.

The town was very quiet. The supermarkets were closed and so were most restaurants. I went to a pub for dinner and had an early night.

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Today's ride: 100 km (62 miles)
Total: 6,368 km (3,955 miles)

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Sandra LawnHi Vince
Still following your epic journey and enjoying your posts? Wondering if you will be home for Christmas?

Look out for Scott Diamond he has a journal on the other site and only a day behind you . Hope you two get to meet up

Enjoy the Nullarbor, it’s an awesome place
Cheers Sandy
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2 months ago
Vince McCarthyHi Sandra,

Thank you for the info. I did meet Scott as you can now read in my updated blog.
I plan to be home in early December before the weather gets too hot.
So far I'm enjoying the Nullarbor. 🤗
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2 months ago