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September 11, 2022

Day 107: Denmark to Albany

Start: 8:15am
Distance:  81km
Ride time:  4:58hours
Average:  16km/hr 
Max: 47km/hr
Finish: 3:15pm

It rained overnight so I packed up a wet tent.

Serena sent me a gorgeous pic of Yoshi this morning.
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This pretty ring necked parrot is munching on an almond I accidently dropped on the ground.
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Crossing the Denmark River.
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Morning trail pic.
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It was a nice and warm sunny day.

Lots of green grass.
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A narrow dirt road.
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Luckily I saw this tiger snake and was able to stop in time. It slithered away after I took this pic.
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Annie O'SheaYes I always treat them with respect and give way to all snakes. Just as well you're on the ball
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1 year ago

I was happy to see this snake today as I was disappointed I didn't get to see the one from yesterday. 

I stopped at the Elleker general store for a cold drink and saw two tiny horses.

Sunshine is the brown one and Moonlight is the black one. Great names.
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They were competing to lick the empty ice cream tub.

A bike lane for the final stretch into Albany.
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It was a big day of riding. It was mostly flat so I was able to maintain a decent speed.

I made it! A happy milestone.
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Kathleen ClassenCongratulations! I have enjoyed following along.
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1 year ago
Annie O'SheaCongratulations, what a big feat that was boy o boy. Think I would've given up long ago
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1 year ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Kathleen.
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1 year ago
Tristy FairfirldCongrats! Amazing to hear it was the best 1000kms - go WA!
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1 year ago

This has been the best 1,000kms of riding so far on my trip around Australia. 

My bike and pannier set up wasn't ideal but I still made it.

I celebrated by having a delicious curry at the restaurant next to the caravan park. 

I will have a rest day tomorrow. 

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Today's ride: 81 km (50 miles)
Total: 5,838 km (3,625 miles)

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