GEAR LIST - SOLAR - Atlantic Canada - Counter Clockwise - CycleBlaze


Gear for this tour is mostly the common stuff (See Gear List Complete), but the newest additions (upgrade) are the  Voltaic Systems 9 watt / 6 volt solar panels.  I upgraded from the Voltaic 6 watt / 6 volt panels to gain a little more efficiency and power.  The panels are wired together and mounted on the top of the rear panniers.  These durable and lightweight panels will charge the Voltaic V50 and V75 USB storage batteries.  Each battery has two USB ports for charging my electronics on the fly and after hours.  I used this system on numerous tours and always with great success.  Voltaic Systems makes several types of panels and they have great customer service ~ highly recommended.  

Photo:   2021 Washington State tour showing the placement of the Voltaic Systems 6 watt / 6 volt solar panels.  The storage batteries are kept in the outside pockets of the panniers.  The new panels will be mounted in the same configuration.   

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