DAY 3 - BRIDGEWATER via LIVERPOOL - Atlantic Canada - Counter Clockwise - CycleBlaze

June 17, 2022


Day 3 - with rain in the forecast,  left the slumber hut at 7:30 am.   Under clouds and a slight breeze, left on NS 3 East.  Beautiful road too, low traffic and scenic.  

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The goal was to pass through Liverpool en route to Bridgwater.

My travels to Liverpool were great the rain stayed away until I arrived in Liverpool.  I found a couple places to hang (one in front of a bakery, the other inside a sports store that sold appliances.)  Well it poured, but I was dry, at least for a while.

Interesting thing happened: I lost my cell phone for a brief couple minutes.   A lady I had met at the campground back in Lockeport crazily showed up and saw me looking for it.  She rang me and we found it - in my pocket!!!! 

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As the story goes...

Then, back to the "103" until I needed to find some food.   (There is nothing on 103 promise me, and all roads lead back to 103, so.)

I was told earlier that there was food up the road several miles in  Port "something,"  so I jumped off at the exit.   But, rather than going right and downhill as recommended, I turned left.   Well, that was a saving grace.   There on the left side was the Port Mouton International Hostel.  Heather greeted me and helped me get my bike in (sky's were looking bad.). 

"Make yourself comfy and we'll make you some oatmeal.". Then I met Jordon (Heathers other half) and Archie (guest).  Fresh oatmeal with maple syrup, sliced apples and oranges, and assorted nuts followed by great conversation!!!

Everyone was so cool...Jordon asked me if I watched the Stanley Cup.  He asked me about Philadelphia too....said he had a friend that visited there.

Anyway, maybe a half hour or so, when I was thinking I should just stay here, I got back out on the road.   What another set of  friends I just made!I

Well, back out on 3E which brought me back to - you guessed it - 103.   The rain and traffic began getting bad making it unsafe, so I made the decision to pull off on a side road that just showed up.  Well, as grace found me again.  

Met Joe who was going to work in Bridgewater.  He was a biker and felt bad for me, he said.  What a great guy, again fortunate to meet him.  (His wife told him not to offer the ride, I have him a few bucks and said thank you!)

Overnight Forecast RAIN so got a cabin and ordered food for delivery.

Today's ride: 50 miles (80 km)
Total: 192 miles (309 km)

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Tamora StumGlad you didn't lose your phone... Hook that on to something... Nice that people helped you. Have fun riding with Dan!!!
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