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December 17, 2019

Day 7: Koh Lanta - Hat Pakmeng

After my comments from yesterday you will not be surprised to hear that I wasn´t keen to get back onto the bike this morning. And this is solely because of the dreaded 40 km of backtracking along the #4206. Obviously the Northeasterly that has been entirely supportive on this trip so far was to be blowing straight into my face all the way up to Highway 4 and from the front left for the following 20 km on this dual carriageway too. Difficult cycling to say the least. But! Then! Right turn onto the #4046 taking me down to Pakmeng Beach via Sikao. Fairly nice scenery with the stiff breeze firing me down to my destination with just one more unexpected and therefore even more exciting stop. 

The provincial government keeps trying to promote tourism and apart from embellishing the outstanding Elephant Cave on the outskirts of Trang they are currently building the "Andaman Sea Learning Centre" six km north of Sikao. When I came down the #4046 I was very impressed with the progress they have made and decided to stop and have a closer look. I still can´t believe my luck that the "Head of Artists" approached me while taking a photo and invited me to have a look inside, where his men were still painting.... Gorgeous! Always important to finish the day off on a high! 

Hat Pakmeng has always been one of my favourite stops along the Andaman Sea. Just a few kilometers down the road from the likes of Phuket, Krabi and Lanta but an entirely different world when it comes to accommodation, people (locals and visitors), beaches and - most importantly to me - food. 

-You can still get a decent fan bungalow for 350 Baht (057 Resort)

-Hat Pakmeng is almost deserted from Monday to Friday as the predominantly Thai visitors will usually only turn up for the weekends and public holidays

-Swimming and all other water sports is very limited due to the very shallow and tidal conditions, making the beach not attractive for international tourists

-The food options is what the Thai people come for! The adults sit in the shade all day while even the smallest kids can play on the beach by themselves. You have to be good and inexpensive if you want to feed Thai people.....

One last bridge...
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...and I was back in the "real" Thailand. Foodwise that is. I can only urge you to stop at this great little Halal restaurant just 50 m after (or before) the Koh Lanta ferry ticket booth. Ideal to fill up before you go over and - like in my case - for breakfast on the way back.
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As it is a regular stop of mine the couple running it know me well. That´s probably because I usually order like a family of four....
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The Andaman Sea Learning Center north of Sikao. I initially thought they are just building another huge sculpture until....
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...this most hospitable gentleman asked me inside where they are creating what I would call a walk-through 3D aquarium.
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Still going strong
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Hat Pakmeng for the adults
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Hat Pakmeng for the kids
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Hat Pakmeng for Frank. My longtime favourite restaurant, called Nong Joy in English. Just 50 m north of the beachroad roundabout opposite the small market this is a very typical Thai restaurant: Atmosphere is less than secondary, the food would do some of Europe´s top restaurants pride
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My choice on te last night away from "home": Chinese kale and squid in oyster sauce (pak kanaa nahm anhoy mhgg), deep fried fish with garlic (pla toard ka tiam) and my favourite vegetable and tofu soup
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Koh Lanta - Hat Pakmeng. As yesterday 10 km have to be added for the passage on the islands
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Today's ride: 97 km (60 miles)
Total: 580 km (360 miles)

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