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Equipment (Partial List)

We're not going to go into detail about how many pairs of socks we packed. Let's leave that to the reader's imagination. We'll focus on the key pieces of cycling equipment we used.

Our Tandem Two'sDay
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We bought our Tandem Two'sDay used in 1997. We rode a few different types of tandems before buying ours. We found it to be less intimidating than a full-size tandem. The standover height is low, and the bike feels very solid under us.

The bike is an older version of the Two'sDay which has a triple front derailleur and an 8 speed rear cluster. We prefer this setup over the version with the internal 3-speed rear hub. It has an old Hope disk brake fitted as a drag brake on the rear wheel. This brake gets a lot of use - we are not aggressive descenders. We've ridden the bike quite a bit since 1997, and have never regretted our choice. We've had no problems with broken spokes and really very few problems with the bike at all.


We use Schwalbe Marathon tires, which seem very durable and puncture-resistant.


The saddles are by Selle Anatomica, which we swear by (one of us more than the other).

Baggage and Racks

Arkel Handlebar bag - large size. Ortleib roll-top bags front and back. Racks by Bike Friday.


We use the Cardo BK-1 helmet-mounted wireless intercom. We've found that being able to talk together using normal voices while riding really enhances our riding experience. And since the stoker is the navigator, having clear communication in sometimes noisy environments is pretty critical for us.


The ride was mapped out using RideWithGPS. The navigation device was an iPhone 5 running the RideWithGPS app. Occasionally we used Google maps for off-route excursions and directions to hotels. The iPhone battery will not support a full day of use in this way, so the phone is encased in a Mophie battery extender. With this addition, we did not run out of battery power even on fairly long days. A Wahoo RFLKT+ is mounted on the stoker bars to display navigation instructions and offload the iPhone display.

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