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February 2, 2023

Clermont to Lake Mary

Day Four

   I was at Clermont Bicycle when they opened at 10 AM. Two mechanics were finishing up the work on Betsy. I had a few things replaced while she was in the shop and on the stand. The men at Clermont Bicycles did a great job. They hosed the dried mud off her. Betsy was returned all spiffy  and tuned up, brake pads, rear cluster, derailleur hanger, chain and a few cables replaced.  I quickly hit the road.

  There are hills in Clermont; I found a few of them. The trail worked its way through Oakland which was being built out as I rode through. A few of the developments were in the new urbanism style. I found myself wondering where my orange juice is going to come from. The trail rolled right through bourgie Winter Garden. The wife met me for lunch in a burger joint. The Art Deco City Hall was interesting, considering it was built in 2008. I pedaled until the trail ran out riding sidewalks through Lockhart. The sun popped out and cooked me. I passed  a barefoot woman screaming for her dog Jake. I had the feeling Jake had been missing for a long time. While stopped at a 7-11, I watched a woman buy several scratch offs, go around the corner, come back and buy several more. She did this several times in the course of my Slurpee consumption. There was another woman walking back and forth on the median near the 7-11. Lockhart was a lot different from Winter Garden.

   I hooked up with the Seminole-Wekiva Trail, where the fences were painted with pop culture references. I called it a day at Lake Mary. We grabbed a room at the Courtyard Marriott, right off the trail. Rain is forecast for tomorrow.

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It kind of is like a lot of places
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Today's ride: 41 miles (66 km)
Total: 175 miles (282 km)

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