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December 12, 2021

Day 6: Quorn to Hawker

How to turn 66k scenic smooth tarmac in to 112k of Arse Busting corrugated straightness

This is going to be a short one. I'd like to go sleep in my tent but it is 30°C ATM and a bit stuffy. Won't be needing my crappy sleep bag tonight. Perhaps I could save 1kg and bury it somewhere and get it next time I am passing through 😂

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect today. Mostly flat is the term bandied about for this sectuon. Boring is another.  I now realize yesterday was probably just training for this section...and today may have just been training for tomorrow's corrugated hell .. Hawker to Rawnsley Park (I am hopin to get to Wilpena Pound)...which takes in the Morlana Scenic Drive. Another 42k road journey turned in to 93k of corrugated torture, albeit with stunning scenery along the way. is what it is...but my arse us taking a pounding . A new experience for me 😅

I reckon that if this was an SAS Commando episode then this is the episode where contestants would be crying to go home to mamma. Possibly.

But back to Quorn town. Last night I invited a few local Quorn gravel bashers back to the room and we had a wild time, on the hard stuff 🤐

This is a joke for the cyclists 😂Obviously I just spilt this in my room and me and a bunch of gravel riders were not busting out a few lines
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Let's get back to the riding. It started off really nice...out of Quorn on a beaut straight and flat track...before a turn left led to a leg sapping climb that was rewarded with fantastic views.

Dutchman Peak in the distance
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I have just realized I will be here all night if i keep going like this. Let's  cut to the chase. It was hot. It was head-windy. It  was gravelly corrugation with multiple slow down or fly creek bed crossings. There were straight sections as far as the eye could see. Then some more. And more. But they weren't flat...I reckon I pedalled the most I have all trip. Did I mention it was Hot? I think 36°C but felt hotter. Probably because I was just about to have heatstroke. See below.

Stoppef off at Hugh Proby"s grave memorial...
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Another shot of the grave and my steed...this memorial qas made specifically for cyclists, hence the convenient aligting platforms
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Passing the turning to Buckaringa Gorge. I didn't have the legs or the will to visit this climbing area...qe are banned from climbing there anyway
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Willochre Cteek I
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Willochre Creek II
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The Never Ending Road
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I took 6.2l for the first 85k stretch to the pub. I planned to have lunch there and bomb it down  the final 25k to Hawker.  At some stage during the ride I realised I had drunk nearly 4.5l of this  without taking a pee.  I sweat a lot. HR wass fine and I felt OK. No worries.

I eventually made it to Craddock and the pub but it was very hard work to be honest. Photo way I qas stopping. It was like that. The pub - lovely place, new owners, very friendly, thanks Dave. They close for summer next week 😁

The Craddock Pub Burger. Breakfast in a bun.
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I regretted trying to ride back carrying this 1kg of burger in my stomach almost immediately. The corrugations just churned it all around and I rexkon I did a few "side saddle farts" for sure 😁 

I made the final 25k back to Hawker in just over an hour and went to the camp site. Now I know why I have always driven past this place en route to Moonarie.  BUT...THE PO OL WAS NICE.

A while later i mopped up a beaut steak in the Hawker Hotel...the only joint in town. 

Time for bed. Not sure I am enthused for the ride tomorrow...I am tempted to take the road to Rawnsley and then jump on rhe trail there as I have been there done that with the Morlana section. We'll see. Early start.

Here are my stats

Resting HR up a bit...but I think I'd just ridden around the park having a looksee before, and may have been excited at the prospect of jumping in the pool fully clothed 🤠
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Today's ride: 112 km (70 miles)
Total: 592 km (368 miles)

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