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December 6, 2021

Deciding to Actually DO IT

Just doing it is a lot easier than thinking about doing it

I need to commit to just doing this ride.  I have the time. I have the bike. I have all the kit. I have used up all the excuses to NOT do the ride :-) 

What I do not have is the legs. I will rely on mind over matter for that bit. Remind me I said this later...

What may go horribly wrong for me is the weather but I will take my chances. December can be hot...but I have a 3l bladder plus another 2-3l carrying capacity. I also plan to hit a town or two each'll be right!

What is this ride? The Mawson Trail is about 800-900 kilometres of tracks and trails, some roads and some off road. It starts from Blinman, a small town in the Flinders Range of South Australia and ends in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

It can be started from either end and I think the elevation profile works out pretty similar. Possibly a bit more amenable from North to South. If I did North to South then I could get a bus up there and work my way back to Adelaide - where I live. But I have decided on South to North...although this puts the pressure on to make the rendezvous with the weekly bus back to RAdelaide (and thus Christmas dinner!) on the 17th December...I have 10 days and my intended itinerary will hopefully see me done in 7. Remind me I said that later...

I chose S-N because the prevailing winds will be in my favor. I need all the help I can get, given  that I have not done any training for this, bar 5 rides in the past two weeks with my laden steed. I hope the wind gods are kind to me and continue their SW patterns for me! North to South would have been easier in many ways and was always my intention...

Training ride 1 around my local MTB park in Cobbler Creek. Bike is a Specialized Crosstrail Sport, 10spd with a 26/42 up front and a 11-36 up back. I think?! Anyway, nothing broke and nothing fell off. I didn't have to get off and walk either, so a win all 'round I'd say
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I will start from Tanunda. My beautiful will drop me off in the morning of 7th December 2021. I have done the first leg from Home to the start of the trail and to Tanunda last year some time, and I ride around this area a lot anyway, and have done a few other bits here and there. To be honest, I don't really care about sticking to a line on the map or being a stickler for the rules. I aim to just have an adventure, and I will stay on route as much as possible. I like riding on quiet roads just as much as quiet trails. If I get to Blinman then I will happily say "I have done the Mawson"

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