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The Welshman and the Mawson 172


Welsh expat resident in Adelaide. Sporadic cyclist over the years...have done some tours around the UK, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany etc. I also enjoy climbing, hiking and just being in the outdoors :-)

Since moving to Adelaide with the family in 2006 I have done a bit of road riding around the place...with some years off here and there. Always try and commute to work by bike if I can. Occasionally I strap some stuff on the bike and take a bivvy out somewhere. Had ambitions to do the Mawson trail since 2018 but was scuppered due to a persistent back injury...and then time constraints...and then Covid...and then...

I think the greatest obstacle to doing many things in life is the Fear of Failure. There's always an excuse not here I am, 54 years young, five measly training rides under my belt and no serious riding for a couple of years...heading off on my lonesome to do the Mawson Trail in December when all the blurb out there says it is a bad idea! I know I am going to suffer...but I also know I have a good chance of pulling it off. I think?!  And if does not really matter. I won't beat myself up for trying.