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Preamble: From The Archives

After being banished from another cycle touring web site (you know what I mean, dear readers) for having the audacity to post a comment on Cycle Blaze forums, I was given a few days to rescue my journals hosted there. Somehow that banishment feels a bit like Caribou Coffee saying you were barred from ever again entering their stores because you bought a drink at Starbucks. I am sure that is a  perfectly rational business model I'm just not quite clever enough to grasp. So while those allowed to remain on the USS Crazy Guy (in retrospect a deliciously ironic name) sang sea chanties praising Breitbart News and hydroxychloroquine, my journals and I piled into a digital lifeboat and pulled our oars for shores unknown. 

I despaired of ever having those journals available to the public again, thinking I'd have to re-enter them on some new hosting site from scratch. That prospect felt so exhausting I decided to mothball them on my hard drive and walk away from journaling entirely. Then, I discovered that the folks at CycleBlaze could port those old journals on to their site for you, and rejoiced. Because many other cycling tourists had committed sins similar to mine, and had also rowed their lifeboats to CycleBlaze, the queue for porting journals was quite the long. But bless the souls of the admins at CB, eventually my multiple journals were Transmogrified into a CB friendly format with hardly a scratch on them. I am doing a bit of tuning up to them and adding them to the journal archive here at CycleBlaze

Even though all these journals are of rides done in the past, I am going to parse them out for readers as if they were happening in real time by "dropping" one day's ride at a time. Think Apple TV versus Netflix. 

I hope you enjoy them all, and this current feature presentation, our ride of the venerable Cycle Oregon tour in September of 2018. Thanks for reading!

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