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September 16, 2018

Postscript: High Pointing Homeward

At the risk of overselling this story, we HAVE to document the high pointing done on the drive home. We stopped in South Dakota to climb to Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney peak) the highest point in South Dakota, and the highest state high point east of the Rockies. The view is spectacular, and there is an old stone fire tower look-out up there. Its no longer used, but is open to hikers.

Highest Point in South Dakota!
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Fire Tower Look-Out
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Then we also made a stop at Hawkeye Point, the highest elevation in Iowa. I would agree that the view is basically all cornfields, but they have set up a lovely little tourist welcome area there that is super inviting. Box checked.

Hawkeye Point!! Highest Point in Iowa.
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"X" Marks the Spot
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We're plotting next year's ride/highpoint bagging experience. See you then!

Best Advice Of The Trip
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