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July 2, 2013

The Big Chill: Manning Gorge to Imintji

The better road surface, lighter loads and improving fitness showed in our increased ride distance today. We set out for the small community called Imintji knowing there was no official camping there, but armed with advice we would be directed to a reasonable creek-side space near the village.

En-route today was an interesting side-trip to Galvans Gorge and a climb over Phillips Range.

Imintji has a store with a small but adequate range of basic supplies. It also has wifi, and a phone which I used to call home.

We found the creek and camping area about 2 km from town. It needed a bit of a litter removal which we did, but otherwise was a pleasant spot.

The night was surprisingly cold. Partly because of our gain in elevation, the clear sky and a change in the weather, the night temperate dropped well below 10 degrees C and possibly as low as 3 or 4 degrees C which is something we had not prepared for. The morning air was cold enough to produce foggy breath.

Our 8th day of cycling measured up as:
88 km
Pedalling time 5 hrs 41 mins
Average 15.5 km/hr
Maximum 57 km/hr

And the day looked like this...

A reminder that we are still sharing the road. So much for the clean cycling shirt :)
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Galvans Gorge...a small, watery haven.
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Galvans Gorge reflections
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Views from the climb up the Phillips Range...looking back.
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More big views from the Phillips Range. This one is looking back. Way back from where we've ridden.The plateau and dust plume in the far distance are where we were cycling yesterday afternoon on the approach to Mt Barnett.
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The view west after crossing the Phillips Range. That is possibly the King Leopold Range on the horizon.
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Termite mounds mimicking troglodyte houses... mini-Cappadocia
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Wide open cattle pasture and a homestead complete with a windmill as we approach Imintji
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An interesting looking bluff
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An attractive backdrop to Imintji
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John rolling into the small community of Imintji at day's end
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Imintji store
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Sunset with a fiery tinge viewed from our creekside campsite near Imintji.
We had some outstanding campsite views on this bike-ride and this was one of them.
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Today's ride: 88 km (55 miles)
Total: 516 km (320 miles)

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