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July 1, 2013

Gorgeous: Hann River campsite to Manning Gorge (Mt Barnett)

Today we reached the first store since we'd left Kununurra. Mt Barnett community has a roadhouse and shop about 400 km from Kununurra and it was reasonably well stocked.

And it sold passable hamburgers and had a functioning public phone which we used to call home.

At Mt Barnett, near the roadhouse, there is a signed turnoff which leads to a short ride in to Manning Gorge which is where we went to camp for the night.

Riding conditions were reasonably good today, although the last few kilometres on the side-road from Mt Barnett into Manning Gorge was very sandy. The road approaching Mt Barnett is quite stony but OK compared to the corrugations of previous days.

One of my co-riders Will had a fairly solid fall on this section of road which resulted in symptoms of cracked ribs.

The campground itself was pitifully basic and crowded for the excessively high $20 fee, but Manning Gorge is well worth the visit.

The swimming hole is exceptionally good here.

Our 7th day of continuous riding summed up as:
61 km
3 hrs 34 mins pedalling
Average 17.1 km/hr
Max 34 km/hr

Early morning departure from Hann River. Heading west on the Gibb River Road. The landscape radiates golden at this time of the day.Another good reason to cycle the Gibb River Road from east to west is to have the sun at your back for the morning rides. Dawn starts are advisable to get almost traffic-free roads, cool conditions and the best views.
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Dingo footprints
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Roadside woodland
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Roadside quarry. Appeared to be road material, or perhaps some type of ore. It was an extensive area.
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Will managed to continue riding at pace despite injured ribs from the fall on the previous day.He said it only hurt if he laughed, coughed or breathed.Naturally we were merciless with the jokes.
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Cliffs and bluffs as we get closer to Mt Barnett
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Eye-catching red cliffs...a few kilometres west of Mt Barnett
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Will crossing the river on the outskirts of Mt Barnett community
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Will and me at the Mt Barnett roadhouse looking slightly incredulous that we have survived to the half-way point.This was our first shop since Kununurra which is about 400 very bumpy km to the east. From here, Derby is about 300 km to the west.The Barnett roadhouse had a good selection of basic staples. Our supplies were OK though and we didn't need to stock up on much.
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Manning Gorge. Excellent swimming here
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Acacia blossum. At Manning Gorge campground
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My bike and impressive old Boab tree at the Manning Gorge campground.
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Grevillea. Very popular with honeyeater birds. At Manning Gorge campground
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Late afternoon view from Manning Gorge campground
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Today's ride: 61 km (38 miles)
Total: 428 km (266 miles)

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