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May 19, 2013

Packing Progress: Changes from previous tours and Food List

This tour is going to be quite different to my recent tours.

What to pack, and what not to pack?

The core equipment is much the same, but there will be a few changes on the load ledger. There will additions and subtractions from the usual list:

The Subtractions
- No wet weather gear
- No tent fly
- No cold weather clothing
- No main front lights, just small flashers
- No mudguards. They don't fit on the wider tyres.
- No iPad

The Additions
- Lots more food
- Lots more water carrying capacity
- Include a tarp and tarp pole for shade
- Include two extra spare tubes
- Wider, nobbly tyres for the mostly rough dirt roads
- Extra spare battery for the camera
- Packet of 'Wet Ones' tissues

The Food
Unlike previous tours, all food will need to carried as there is no guarantee of supplies en-route.
Based on an estimate of two weeks riding without access to services or supplies I've packed:
12 dehydrated evening meal packs
3x100g stir fry sauces
375g curry sauce
4x200g udon noodles
2x140g tomato paste
100ml olive oil
200g pasta
350g dried figs
100g dehydrated onion
2x100g pkt dried peas
1x40g dried mushrooms
2x220g vista wheat biscuits
5x100g tin tuna
750g milk powder (makes 5.5 litres)
200g condensed milk tube
1.5 kg muesli
18x45g muesli bars
375g peanut butter
500g pitted dates
500g crystal ginger
20 coffee gags
20 tea bags
500g coffee

Whether this is too much, too little or just right I'll find out by the end of the ride.

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